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Tennis: In Progress Welcome to the In Progress section. All active match threads belong here. A match officially becomes “active” and is moved here once a Round 2 is complete, essentially creating the “tennis” factor of the match. Tennis: Tournaments The Poop Tennis Thunderdome. (More to be written later when I or one of the other Tennis FUCKs can think of something write for this section. Tennis: Completed Welcome to the completed section. Here we house the archive of all completed matches that have been commenced here on YTPMania. Only fully completed matches are stored here. Tennis: Failed “That is why you fail.” Tennis:Wanted Welcome to the Wanted section, mate. You want to play some tennis but don’t know where to start? Well, if you’re game but you’re not really fussed with <strong>who</strong> you play, announce your intentions here. A good idea would be to have a serve ready for your thread, dangling out like bait on a fishing line and see if anyone bites. Tennis Discussion
Poop Tennis Roster ( 2 ) [YouTube Poop Tennis] (23)

All poopers who wish to have their tennis match rosters displayed here will be added here by members of the Tennis Staff in alphabetical order. A~H CorruptionSound, Dark Fox, ForsX Gamebop, GirlaPH I~Q Lopunny Boy, M…

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The Poop Tennis Café ( 2 ) [Tennis Discussion] (37)

Hello and welcome to the sixth incarnation of the Poop Tennis Café, bringing over the tradition from YouChew and making it the inaugural Café thread for YTPMania’s Poop Tennis section…

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Poop Tennis Rules [Tennis Discussion] (2)

All right listen up, chowderheads, time to lay down the rules and explain the sport. I say rules facetiously because any pooper worth their salt knows their ain’t no rules in the world of YouTube Poop. That being said, h…

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2018: A Space Tennis Odyssey (Paperking99 vs. Sagan Blob) [Tennis: In Progress] (2)