4-way 4 second match

4-way 4 second match


Since YouChew is closing up in a week, I’ve decided to move this match hosted by HerpyWhooves here.

Info reposted from the original thread below:

Special conditions:
-16 rounds in total
-only 4 seconds (NO CUT-OFF PREVETIONS)
-keep it Unlisted , final match compilation will be public
-strictly NO ADDING ADDITIONAL SOURCES from the second to last round, unlimited video/audio effects are allowed however.
-the rounds must be 60fps (frame per seconds),Hint; you should download 4kvideodownloader to download 60fps videos and FormatFactory to convert to avi
-must be creative,multiple visuals is the main idea.
-no replacements (I have planned this round since 3 weeks ago)
SLOTS (already full)
Good luck

Rounds so far: