Does the Above Pooper's Style Remind You of Another Pooper?

Does the Above Pooper's Style Remind You of Another Pooper?


Basically the same concept as the thread on Youchew, you tell the above pooper what poopers you think they are similar in style to.

Do me first.


AwfulFawful, ThirtyTwelve, & Matt0417 and cs188 on the comic side.

I'm sorry, but i'm going to say this



milk gaming channel


TogeBesso, Username99, and Wodienfor.


SinnedTragedy and AwfulFawful


AwfulFawful, MemeKirisame, and PancakeLord117.


I’d say a slower paced jallerbo.


Master Sword


a bit of ytpkid i guess


Your style was mostly from lolmanXD444 and his other “object” friends, but i guess you have moved on from them I guess. You also got a little inspiration to myself for sort similar abstract style.

Please read this if you wanna know what happen to "lolman"

lolman is gone due to people believing he has pedophilia even though he was 16 at the time and doxxers where after him.


It reminds me of GameBop and VidTens


Zackzilla, ThirtyTwelve, Bio, and PancakeLord117.




dew and NationOfOranges696


SinnedTragedy, nuff said


Some of MemeKirisame, and a more advanced paperboy or superkeegan.


Master Sword or PancakeLord117


kind of like awful fawful