Favorite/Least Favorite Memes

Favorite/Least Favorite Memes


I know somebody already did this on YouChew,(forgot who it was), so I thought I would start it again but on YTPMania instead.

On topic, my favorite memes are We Are Number One and Bart hurts Homer with a chair. My least favorite memes are Despacito and Johnny.


I don’t mind Despacito that much, although I am not a big fan of it, still better than Dame Tu Cosita, ugghhhh…
My favorite meme as of right now is where one guy takes a song and then chops it up to have some of it’s beats missing, it makes rather crazy results.


This reminds me of the experimenetal soundtrack of Streets of Rage 3… or perhaps a easier-listening variant of the CrazyBus theme.


Most:Steamed Hams, it had some potential and it did, and it got so popular
Least:Bowsette, i mean, what’s the appeal of it?
It’s just a genderbent version of Bowser


I guess it’s because of the implications Toadette’s Super Crown item has raised, in how it could turn not only her into Peach, but anyone else that wears it. Basically, the Nintendo equivalent to Undertale AUs.


Favorite: Steamed Hams, We are Number One, GET OUT OF MY CAR

Least favorite: Bowsette, Dame Tu Cosita, Do you know da wae, Johny Johny Yes Papa, and Baby Shark.


Ok, so… Bowsette is one of the best memes.


Not really. While Bowsette isn’t the best meme around, it’s not the worst either, the meme is just nothing special. We have a lot of gender swaps on sites like DeviantArt and e621. I just don’t see why it’s even a meme when we already have this stuff.


Bowsette is very…alright. I only really see it as a rule 63 art trend that really blew up. Nothing special, but not anything horrible.

On the subject of recent memes I like, I really enjoy the bongo cat memes.


i actually don’t mind the bongo cat meme despite seeing it nearly everywhere when i browse twitter, same goes to bowsette.
also fortnite dance should be wiped off the face of the universe


The whole Super Crown/Bowsette thing isn’t funny. It’s just Bowser but as a princess.


I can tell you right now, people are certainly not spreading Bowsette because they think it’s funny

OT: I like Bowsette


Sans. If I have met him, I would beat the fucking hell out of him for being predictable. This is one of the reasons Tumblr is better.


It’s a beautiful day outside: birds are singing, flowers are blooming…

Perfect weather for a game of catch.


I still like a bunch of dead memes for nostalgia’s sake but my top three are “E”, “Moon Man” and “PINGAS”

I also like old anime memes from stuff like JoJo and HnK.

As for my least favorites, I’d probably say Johny Johny Yes Papa or any Elsagate content…ugh.


johny johny yes papa is not funny