General Poop Discussion #1

General Poop Discussion #1


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Yikes, I thought this thread would have more replies

Anyways, new YTP (ish) video

Sorry if this feels rushed at points, I wanted to get it out the door cause of the multiple delays over the past 2 weeks. Also, I need to finish the Grilled Cheese YTP Collab.


I remember in the past this topic on YouChew was largely discussing YTP as opposed to posting videos. I kind of miss that, but I reckon there isn’t a lot of things to discuss in the YTP world these days. I imagine not many people care about answering the question “Is YTP art” and that sort of thing anymore


If anything, the General Poop Discussion thread on the Chew was more or less used to discuss topics relating to things that would either be shaking up our poopy little world like bullshit YouTube stuff or personal updates regarding what we’re up to. Regardless, discussion points will reveal themselves over time.


Yeah, YouTube itself is becoming worse because they’ve been going after non-famous channels, including YouTube Poopers. People kept getting false flagged by these assholes and it’s not pretty.

Also, I’m still working on the Cuphead YTP video, but college’s been out of the way so it might be release sometime this September. After that, I’m making a DuckTales 1987 version YTP.


I think that it’s entirely likely my channel will be removed long before I ever realize it’s gone, for as much as I check up on it.


I’ve currently set up a poll on my YouTube page asking others if they’d like to see me use one of the three following sources for my next YTP, which include Thomas & Friends (one of the most requested sources I had), JoeysWorldTour (a source that I’d like to use), and Planet Ajay (because why not).

Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of old YTPs made before 2015, and while I still enjoy modern YTPs, I can admit that most of them aren’t as funny as pre 2015 YTPs. In addition, I’ve also noticed the rise of them acid trip sequences and plugin usage that everyone has been using in their videos lately. I remember back then when I watched a Fawful/Sinn3d YTP and being astonished by the drug trip scenes, I never thought I’d see them in a YTP before, and then around the time 2016 rolled over everyone were producing them scenes in their videos.


So recently, CODE and I went through all the YTPs that we’ve made and did a retrospective on them, as well as answered a few questions that were submitted to us. It was pretty fun doing a live commentary on all the videos we made and seeing how far we’ve come.










I’ve recently upgraded my iMac and it caused my editing software to not work, therefore deleting my upcoming projects, and I’m feeling a bit miffed.

All is not lost however, I’ve been looking for a new movie making tool, and I think I’ve found a good one. I’ll let you know if it’s good or not tomorrow and I hope it turns out to be suitable for me.


Aw damn, sucks that you lost all that progress. However, as someone that’s used Final Cut Pro X for professional film editing, I can say that Final Cut is a highly underrated video editor and a suitable alternative to Adobe Premiere, especially if you would rather settle for a one-time payment than Adobe’s subscription model. I’ve tried using Final Cut Pro for YouTube Poop, but was just too accustomed to Sony Vegas to really get comfortable with Final Cut Pro, but I was able to make something out of it:

Based on what I’ve read on it, I would assume Final Cut Express is to Final Cut Pro as Sony Vegas Movie Studio is to Sony Vegas Pro: usable, but not optimal. However, it doesn’t seem like Express faces the same arbitrary limitations as Movie Studio: you can still mask video, as well as use a maximum of 99 layers at once. Therefore, Final Cut Express should suit your needs just fine; you’re definitely better off than the suckers that settled for Vegas Movie Studio (i.e. myself when I began pooping).


Forgot to post this here from last night, but new video!


While this isn’t exactly YTP-related, I feel like I should post this here for the people who watch my content cause I’ve been teasing at this for a while now.


You know these “steak” jokes when someone removes the “mi” from the work “mistake”, They’re like the new sus