General Poop Discussion #1

General Poop Discussion #1


Update on the GuffKid Direct:

Here’s the stream link:


My Scaredy Squirrel poop is done!

There are a few things I think I could have improved, but I still like how it turned out.


Short thing that I meant to release earlier.


Just finished my first Lightworks YTP, and I had a little bit of fun going through the software despite a few minor issues.


I need to get a Kamen Rider Zi-O YTP done… Combusken’s was awesome :stuck_out_tongue:
Meanwhile I still need to get that next MEGAMEAT done too!




Setting up plans for a spoooooky YTP by the end of October. I won’t give away much, just that it involves Thomas the Tank Engine and [redacted]


i’m planning to make a solo ytp in the future


I just haven’t been thinking of any YTP ideas at all as of late, just… geez. Anybody got any help with getting out of a creative slump?


When I’m struggling for source ideas for my stand-alone videos (something I’m dealing with currently) I dive into collabs and tennis matches.


I do have a bunch of YTP ideas, but I might not be very active while making them as this year is my last year in school.


I’ve finished off my serve to EOGB’s tennis match today, and I hope to get it uploaded tomorrow. I was going to upload it today but I thought I might leave it for now.

Once that gets uploaded, I was thinking about making a YTP that uses a source that I won’t tell you until I release a preview pic of it.


Even though I have a very busy life, I sometimes have very small room to experiment more on a few mashups. However, I always get a great kick out of Ed Edd n Eddy Youtube poops due to their expanded uses of already hilarious scenes!

Like this one:


Still thinking of sources I could use in my tennis match with @pacboy. This will actually be my first match ever :p


Well I need to get SOMETHING out this month… either the next Kamen Rider Build YTP or just the new one, Z-io…


This Halloween I’m thinking of trying to do a YTP that the main source I’ll use that will be from SuperMarioLogan along with some scary logo sources.


Still have to sort out some collab entries.

For my next poop(s), I want to focus more on sentence mixing jokes. I’ve been watching some poops that are almost pure in sentence mixing like Citizen Brain’s videos for example.

I might return to making a Chadtronic YTP (first time in a while.) Or a Fortnite news report YTP for some reason.


I haven’t had any YTP ideas at ALL. Like, i really gotta make one, but idk what to do


you could watch some other poops to give you ideas


To supplement cicicity’s answer, you can also watch other videos like movies, not just YTPs.