General TV Show Discussion

General TV Show Discussion


Talk about your favorite TV Shows here.

Let’s kick this off with a big banger…

get b a z i n g a ’ d atheists


I just started BoJack Horseman, almost done with season 1. Not my favorite show so far, and started a bit slow, but it’s interesting enough to keep me watching it.


I’ve been avidly watching the Venture Brothers through most of the summer. I chose a good time to get into the show rather than, say, 2016. Now I’m slightly anxious that after season 7 ends, it might be 2020 before season 8 premiers given their long hiatus periods.

Though if it is 2020, there damn well better be some sort of Sealab 2020 episode in one of their many nods to Hanna-Barbera classics.


Got caught up with recent DuckTales 2017 episodes, and oh man, all the feels got me. Also, Magica looks very weird in this reboot, probably because I’m used to her 1987 version.


Well I like BBT, but it had to end eventually!

Otherwise, a couple of shows I liked well enough were cancelled. Those being Superior Donuts and Living Bibically.

Kevin Can Wait was lousy though, so I don’t mind that one getting the boot. And 9JKL was okay, but it could be a complete hit or miss… so I see why it was booted too.

However a couple of their replacements, The Neighborhood, and Happy Together feel like they are already on shaky ground. Happy Together was just more boring sitcom tropes… I couldn’t even force a chuckle… maybe it’s for someone. The Neighborhood has potential, but not if it’s just going to shove the non-existant racial issue down our throats. Not only had the issue been handled better before…

I’ll have to look up what the 3rd new sitcom is supposed to be, but I look forward to Last Man Standing again :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: D’oh! God Friended Me is the last one, and I saw it. I think it has potential, and am glad the main character, an atheist, isn’t going to just flip his beliefs after one episode.