Horror and Halloween Movies, Shows and Literature

Horror and Halloween Movies, Shows and Literature


Lets discuss horror and Halloween related media.

Tis the season for Halloween.
I have been on a real horror movie and show binge lately.
I watch that sort of thing year round but I like to really get into the spirit of Halloween in a way that I can’t get into most holidays. I get a little depressed every November 1st that Halloween season has ended.
But it’s kinda like being a long time stoner on 4/20 where it’s really just a business as usual holiday.

I recently rewatched most of the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes.
My favorite is the Shinning parody. I think it is funny, memorable and a really good parody of one of my favorite movies.
I recently visited the Stanley Hotel the story was based on. It wasn’t too far from where I live in Colorado.
The hotel was beautiful and they had pictures of Stephen King and stills from Dumb and Dumber (which also featured the hotel).
We even went on a cheesy ghost tour as a family which I wouldn’t recommend but it was fine for what it was and I was glad to see more of the hotel.

I’m also reading the book The Shinning but as much as I love Stephen King, I’m just a slow reader and it’s a long book.
The moment in the movie that sticks with me the most is the guy in the dog costume who looks right in the camera with a look of shame after presumably giving oral to an old guy in a room. It was near the end and it’s just so unsettling for so many reasons.

Some easy questions for the discussion:
What are some of your favorite horror movies, shows, books or tv specials?
What do you like/hate about halloween?
What was the most memorable costume you’ve seen someone wear?
How old were you when you started watching scary movies and do you handle them better now vs then?
What is your go to halloween song and why is it Thriller?
What is your favorite horror movie soundtrack/composer?
What sort of horror movies or genres are you into/dislike?
What is your favorite candy to get on halloween?
Do you listen to any horror podcasts?


I’m preparing for the Halloween season this year. I have been prepared for so long, and now I’m ready for it.

I’ll plan to watch a few Halloween movies. I’m interested into watching classics like Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Freeform recently started the 31 Nights of Halloween, where they play Halloween movies and on October 31, Hocus Pocus will play all day long, just like what TNT did to A Christmas Story on every Christmas Day.
I will also watch some Halloween specials, too. I have a DVD of It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (my copy is from Paramount, not Warner Home Video) and I will watch it as if it was like a Halloween tradition.

My favorite Halloween songs were “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Ghostbusters theme, the Luigi’s Mansion theme, “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell, “Disturbia” by Rihanna, “Spooky Scary Skeletons” by Andrew Gold (the remix version is epic), the Monster Mash song, the Witch Doctor song, and “Zombie” by The Cranberries.
Yes, my go to Halloween song has to be Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” because it is a true Halloween classic. The 14-minute music video of the song is so amazing and I would recommend it to everyone. “Ghosts” is another Halloween-related MJ song that I like. The song sounds a little spooky to me, but it puts me into a “Is It Scary” mood every time I listen to it.

This month, in Honor English class, we will be reading Dracula. I already did the summer assignment of the book as a little preview, where we have to make character chart and describe each of the character’s thoughts, feelings, decisions, and responses to events and other characters. It will happen after we learn about the gothic theme and the Victorian era.
I will get to read the poem, “The Raven,” just for fun. This poem is from my Literacture workbook. I remember watching “The Raven” clip from the very first Simpsons Treehouse of Horror special back in 6th grade, and I’m going to rewatch it while following along with the poem.

This Halloween season will be a blast for me and it’ll be the one that I’ll never forget!


Nice. I enjoyed reading Dracula and I’m running a Dungeons and Dragons adventure centered around a vampire in a similar setting.
What We Do in The Shadows is by far my favorite vampire movie even though it’s a comedy.
I also love The Lost Boys because it has that 80s aesthetic I love and a great cast. But Let the Right One In was kinda brilliant for a more disturbing vampire movie.

The original universal Dracula movie is just too slow and quiet for my taste. Christopher Lee was great in the Hammer horror series. It’s interesting he is fampus for playing two counts (Dracula and Dooku).
Count Sarumon would have been a better name for him in lord of the rings too because Saruman sounds confusingly similar to Sauron.