How did you become a YTPer?

How did you become a YTPer?


My first experience with video editing as a whole was in December 2015, on some shitty Advent laptop that originally ran Windows 7, but I got a free upgrade to Windows 10 because of that thing Microsoft was doing when Windows 10 first dropped. Anyways, be me. I find that when upgrading to Windows 10, the laptop kept Windows Live Movie Maker. I decided to download some YTP pack from 2011, which contained some avi, mp3 and png files. My first work was made very quickly, and was for a Club Penguin fan wiki which not only made me create a username that inspired me to create my current username, but has also been fucking dormant for a year and only gets new forum posts every few months now. I’m getting sidetracked. That Christmas Day, I woke up to some decent presents, mainly Club Penguin toys. I log onto my computer, and I see five new programs. Among them, Corel VideoStudio Pro X8. At first, I did nothing but shitpost, but eventually, on my 11th Birthday, while at my cousins house for a few days, I made a little experiment. CN Vs Nick Megamix. It was a shit video about a war between Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, where I act like CN is the actual secondcoming. It was shit, to say the least. Fast forward two months. Be me, late at night. Thursday, May 19th, 2016. I was bored, and wanted so make something me and my friends could laugh at before I went to bed, so I fired up good old X8, and made what I thought was my magnum opus. My very first YouTube Poop. And that’s how I got here. Now, how did YOU get here?


There it was not a lot of good Fish Hooks YTPs, so i tried to make one


I’ve discovered some YTPs one day. First it’s about children’s cartoons. Then I watched some Dathings1 and cs188 (some of my main inspirations). Then I started reading the Chewiki. It was at that time I wanted to start making poops. The thing is, I only have Movie Maker in my old-old PC (XP era), so I had to transfer that to my old PC and make do with that. I remember downloading sources like the iPhone 6 announcement and other stuff I forgot about. The videos that came out from that? It’s what you expect from Movie Maker poops. I think my interest waned from there, until the Frozen explosion in December 2014. I remember having, as part of the gags, the Russian anthem playing at the end, sentence mixing Jontron for no reason, and using an external app for reversing video. It was at that point I realized that I needed to get Vegas. I have a friend who is de facto the school editor (he edited our graduation video),and I asked him for the crack. That’s how I got Vegas (11), and the first thing I did with it is make YTPs. The first thing I made from that I believe was a YTP of some Minecraft news Youtuber. I played with random sources at that point, from PeanutButterGamer, to Little Einsteins, to Smash Bros 4. Take note, I have never uploaded a video up to that point. So I uploaded a Smash Bros 4 YTP (that had a lot of jokes and gags from Dathings1’s YTP) in a different channel and deleted the video in an hour. But my interest kept on growing nonetheless. I practiced making poops in my own pace, watched more YTPs from other poopers like BarryTwoce, Poops4theWorld, Cartoonlover98, as well as the two mentioned above.) I found the perfect time to start uploading poops at around May 2015, when Splatoon was a new thing, so I went ahead and uploaded one I have worked on for at least a week, in my current channel. And that’s how I was born (in the Youtube Pooping scene, of course).

(By the way, you may have noticed an October 2014 date in my current channel (not the same one earlier mentioned.) I accidentaly subscribed to Pewdiepie and Youtube created a channel autonatically.)


Ive heard about YTP since Around 2009 I believe. But didn’t know how to make them UNTIL Sony Vegas. Sony Vegas Is great IMO, tons of great ways to edit your sources.


I heard about YTP since 2008, the first one was one of the old Horrid Henry poops. Three years I started watching some more as a couple years pass they really inspired me like the ones that were made by popcorn fairy, keeperofbeans and cartoonlover98. I launched my YouTube channel in mid autumn 2013 and started making my own poops in early 2014 and back then my old poops were crappy until I get a Final Cut Pro before 2015 started, as I use it my YTP technics are getting better every time I make poop videos as I practice everything.


My first YTP (tennis, because i haven’t started actual YTPs Yet) was from… 10 months ago. It was called: “YTP TENNIS: Mugmugmanman descends”, and its was a YTP-ish thing of mugman (lemurs cartoon) and it didn’t get that popular.



I started watching YTP since 2008 when I was 9. Deepercutt was the first pooper I ever enjoyed. Then Durhamrockerz and Hurricoaster. Only recently in 2017 did I become a pooper because I finally got a shitty computer that can have editing software. I really enjoy ytp and I hope it doesn’t die anytime soon.


I first knew what YTP was in 2011 and watched a few SpaDinner YTPs the next year and made four in movie maker, two of which are lost forever because I permanently deleted them from my hard drive. I tried Vegas a while later and it helped a lot.


So, I’ve first heard of YouTube Poop wayyyy back in 2011. I was at my mother’s friend’s house, and her son talked to me about it. I don’t remember specifically, but I remember being really into it.

Fast forward to January 2016, I was looking for parodies of Peppa Pig (don’t ask why), YTP came to my head, and I decided to search “Peppa Pig YTP”. Ladies and Gentlemen, this was the first YTP PancakeLord ever experienced: (of course, it wasn’t on Dailymotion. The original was unfortunately deleted for reasons unknown).

I loved the video, and I decided to look for more. I stumbled upon TheWackyWeevil and Paperking99 around this time, and ended up enjoying their videos as well. A few months later I started getting into Yoshimaniac. I watch many poops by many poopers over the rest of 2016 and early 2017.

Sometime later in 2016, I was searching for SpongeBob YTPs. One of the ones I watched was “SpongeBlob and the Cold Case of the Canned Bread” by Sinnedtragedy. This one REALLY amazed me for the amount of effort put in. I later discovered Awful Fawful and was even MORE astounded by her work. If it wasn’t for these two, I would’ve never gotten into the experimental side of YouTube Poop, and my style would’ve been a lot different.

One day, I thought “Hey! Why don’t I make these myself?”. I watched a bunch of tutorials by MoBros and BigEyesLuigi, and eventually uploaded my first YTP (cough made with WMM) on July 8th, 2017, to my old channel that is no longer in use: The source is Flapjack.

I started the PancakeLord channel four days later, and I originally meant for it to be an alt channel to upload poops, but I turned it into my main channel in September. I got Sony Vegas and uploaded a test video that also used Flapjack ( A full length YTP was uploaded some time later, using Hungry Pumkin (


I’ve told this before, but I love telling it.

My family lived with dial-up up into 2010, so YouTube was never an option for a long, long time. February, 2010, we got hooked up with a DSL line which is still abysmal, but passable for 360p YouTube.

I had started looking for videos of Tourettes Guy dubbed over cartoons because I thought that was hot shit back then (and I still do). I ended up finding this–

One thing led to another and I eventually started getting into watching YTP’s. I figured, “why the fuck can’t I make these videos too?”

So I grabbed some stuff from quebecgamers and yoshiart (rip), and got to making videos in summer, 2010. Joined the YouChew forums that August, made some super duper awesome friends like JoeTheBlueDragon, Gamerislanduk and DoomZappo. So I sort of come from a background where I don’t personally feel like it’s all about the videos, but that the poops are a side-effect of the clique of friends you keep.


Here’s an origin story for you.

For me, it’s mostly a blur. I remember watching my first YTP around 2008, loving them to death but never actually considered making them for quite some time.

I did do YouTube, however. I would do anything to relive those times I would spend hours on end making Roblox videos on a weekend (I was 7~8). To get an idea of what my videos were like, watch this:

In addition to Roblox, I also made gameplay and GoAnimate videos; my channel had quite a lot to offer :smile:.

TheSpiderRider/Solid Spider (no insinuation here, no sir)
Fast forward to like… 2013 and I decided to dive back into YouTube. This time, Minecraft animation. I used a program called Mine-imator to make some objectively crappy Minecraft animations, albeit improving with every animation. I eventually transitioned to Cinema 4D to make Minecraft animations. While I never successfuly made an animation, I was a fucking GOD at making rigs (a talent that dissolved with time) :frowning:.

During my time making Roblox videos and Minecraft animations, there was a part of the video making process I’ve always enjoyed: editing the actual video. In 2017, I’ve made a spur-of-the-moment decision to get back into YouTube… again. For some time, I was a sitting duck; not sure what to do with my channel and whatnot. I only imagined the kind of things I could do with 8 years of video editing experience… but I wasn’t sure where to look.

Then I saw this funny little video in my recommendation feed titled: ‘Spinge Binge Me Millionth Dollar’

The video was hilarious from start to finish. But as I was thinking about what made the video so great, it fucking hit me. YTP is all editing a pre-existing video with the intent of drastically changing the context. There’s no tedious 3D animation that just limits you to Minecraft, or fostering a bunch of people to record a Roblox skit, YTP is what you make it; there is so much creative freedom in YTP. If you acknowledge that, you can create some crazy shit.


I’ve known about YTPs since 2008. The first one I’ve watched was a CD-i poop. Late 2011 is where I started watching YTPs more often, where I’ve discovered more poopers and instantly fell in love with their work (MasterOfZoroark, BarneyIsPerverted, KeeperOfPorridge, LinkOnDrugs, PotatoShitz, Hurricoaster, etc.). Early 2012, I was putting YTP videos into 30-minute compilations burned to a disc from WMM, and I’ve made 3 of them. I still have those 3 discs with me and they run fine after nearly 7 years of storage.

July 13th, 2012 was when I created my first YouTube account, “AngryBirdsFan9”. I didn’t began making YTPs until 2 months later that year. I had Adobe Premiere Elements and I was very brand new to the software at the time I’ve made my first YTP.

In April 2013, due to an event that I do not want to talk about, I’ve closed the account. I then created a second account, still standing to this day as “NationOfOranges696”. Ever since I have refreshed my YouTube career with that second account, I started to get better at editing YTPs, as I have switched over to using Sony Vegas as my primary editing software and has been that way ever since.


Caused omegapc777 make a great videos
Then i joined it
Cuz ytp is great
Then i did a different style
I did motivated to become make like a movie art
I did like awful fawful now everyday
But no copied as well
Its comes to my great idea for it
If i got my favorite idea i will do it
If not, i like play games too much
Unforgetable for sleeping if tired and doing my irl.


Gather around Children, and listen to the olde tale of Grandpa MAZZ0Murder (I think 30 qualifies me for this).

Lets start this back before the age of Youtube Pop was even a thing. You see, I am a fan of the Legend of Zelda, and have been since I was a wee lad. And ever since I could access a fan site, there was something that surely intrigued us: The existence of three Zelda games on something called the Philips CD-I.

Back then, there were something things we knew about them; Their coverart, and they were bad, but a couple of them finally cast Zelda in the starring role. Lastly, they had cutscenes… and at the time they were compared to the Legend of Zelda cartoon… The first glimpse of the game came from a top 10 show in TechTV… or G4Tech TV… or just G4 since it was taking over TechTV at the time. The particular list was “Top 10 worst video games of all time” and the host intrigued us with the shock of the possibility of a Zelda game being on this list. one of the CD-i games landed as the worst game of all time on this list. I assumed it might be Zelda II, but from memory it was “Link: Faces of Evil.”

Lastly, I always wanted film-production as a career, so I had experience with at least basic editors at the time, and FCP 7 by the time I started YTP in the future…

Fast-forward! It was the year… 2007! I was just starting college through the local university (spoiler alert: I flunked out because our high schools do not adequately prepare you for this, and I was easy to overwhelm at the time. Not my finest moment), and my friend introduced me to this curse happy guy dubbed “The Tourette’s Guy.” I found him hilarious. This lead into videos where people insert him into films or prank calls and such. But then the video of fate appeared in recommended, called “Mama Luigi has Tourette’s”. I have noticed several videos by this name sense and I think the original is gone. And none of them are early enough for me to have seen them before I started YTP myself…

In anycase, this video had the Super Mario show in it, which I also had heard about but had never seen. My memory is a tad murky at this point in time. Whether I saw it in related videos or simply looked up “Youtube Poop”, I came across a video containing the mythical Zelda CD-i game cutscenes! It was like a mystery solved after all those years! I found the cutscenes shortly after and definitely cringed as it was finally confirmed just how bad the game really was.

I started to become inculturated with Youtube Poop at this point, and I’m sure I quickly found Deepercutt, WalrusGuy, Pimpsahoy, Tetsuo9999, SuperYoshi, and the one who influenced me enough into trying this whole thing out, OkamiMaster.

I became aware of the Youtubepoop forums, probably due to Pimp’s top 10 videos, but didn’t join right away. I’ll need to check my Facebook history, because I may have joined before I started Facebook… or Myspace! In anycase, before joining the forums, I thought it would be good to create a Youtube Poop first to have something to take to that community, and luckily the computers at my university had the holy grail of youtube editors on it: Windows Movie Maker!

I sought to try something with the CD-i cutscenes I hadn’t seen yet (at least for the first video, as my second was a “minute with the king” where he just said, of course, “Dinner” for one minute) and finally settled on an old classic Zelda concept: Dark Link!

Therefore my first YTP was uploaded December 9th, 2007! I created two more, and proudly went over to on January 18th 2008, and joined the forums… only to walk into the WAR ON AIDS, but that’s a tale for another day…

tl;dr: Some video got me into it.

EDIT: Aw shucks, I forgot to mention my time between discovering Tourette’s Guy and Youtube Poop, as I was working on a series “Final Fantasy: Tourettes Unlimited” which used that anime with the Tourette’s guy audio, and it acted as an interim between my first videos and Youtube Poop… Oh well, story for another time…



I remember back in 2014, i was watching videos (as usual) and then i got recommended some random logo editing video by Kyoobur9000. I was curious and clicked it, then i realized something was ahead of me. I got recommended more and more Kyoobur9000 videos and i didn’t even say something like WTF. Then it came, a recommended YTP. Now you can say i was like WTF. Around 2015, my brother showed me Vegas Pro 11 and how to install it. I had it until i got my new pc (not current). He showed me Vegas Pro 13 next and I was like “This isnt the same…”, but technically it is with some major updates. Mid 2015, I made bad YTPS Recorded with bandicam and/or mixed with WMM. Then i figured out how to render videos on Vegas Pro. I got a little better, but still not good. I remember making (YTP) DS1 Startup Screen, but I complained myself why there are alot of dislikes (it was only 7), so I reuploaded it so I can get rid of those dislikes. I’m not gonna link the YTP, so search it up for your self. Mid 2016, I quit logo editing and started to make shitposts and YTPS (kind of well, actually not decent), and I was proud. I became friends with danthemanwiththegarbagecan, We screenshared before, we were having a tennis, and I saw how he made trails, so that’s kind of spoiled. I then saw a tutorial made by AbritrayData and to be honest, it was easier. Mid 2017 and Early 2018 was when i made a shitload of multirenders. Around here, I want to make real YTPs but the amount of multirendering tennis’s i’m on is countless. That’s how I got to be a ytper. Short essay XP.


I once made a poop years ago using Wacky Deli, but it sunk badly due to the whole poop is about images from Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal slapped on to the source. A few years later, I stumbled upon a fast paced YTP preview at the end of a Seu Madruga YTPMV with Skrillex’s Kill Everybody as the BGM. I started making a 1-second YTP based on the poop I saw, and his style escalated quickly. In 2014, I made unshared YTPs of Scratch (Website) projects on my trial version of Vegas Pro. After getting the full version of Vegas Pro with plugins, I tested making YTPMVs and YTPs. In late 2016, I opened his YouTube account and uploaded my first YTP of WordGirl for Paperking99’s Random Letter Collab. Although, my very first full YTP was an Inanimate Insanity one.


I’ve probably first heard of YTP’s long ago but haven’t really watched them until around 2017. Before I was was a pooper, I was mostly just stuff like a Top 10, a 3DMM video, and some fillers. But then until October 2017 (About a year ago), my account got hacked by someone, luckily the person gave me back my password later but all of my old videos (dating back from July 2016) were all gone. I’ve watched YTP’s more often around that time and then decided to become a YTPer when I saw a Rocko’s Modern Life Collab was being hosted by @Matt0417 (Back when his account wasn’t terminated). From that point on, I’ve now started making poops. I’ve actually tried making one back in August 2017 but I deleted it due to losing interest.


Long story short, when I was in aunt’s house, me and my younger cousin watched some videos, when we stumbled across a YTP of Spongebob. I don’t remember the name or author, but I remember I liked this video and during watching another Spongebob I asked my older cousin how they made such videos? I knew I want to make YTPs after this, but I didn’t had my own computer since fall 2014.
After discovering YTPs after many years, I started to watching more and more and I was even obsessed with YTP characters like Morshu and I.M. Meen. In June 2015 I discovered another YTP, this time, it was that YTP, that influenced me to make my own: A Polish YTP which used Hour Zero: Disaster at Chernobyl. I laughed sooooo hard at this, that I decided to make my own YTP of HZ: DaC, that was made in Sony Vegas 13. I still have the original video and project file due to my nature of archiving things. And then, I started to make more of these things, some of them using commercials from the french hypermarket as source. In 13th July 2016 I created my first YT account and I discovered that The VHS Logo Collab was open for sign-ups and I decided to join. It was my first collab I ever joined. In 2017 I started to improve my YTPs, but the real improvement came, when I discovered BigEyesLuigi and his YTP tutorials as well as third-party plugins. 2018 came and my YTPs are getting better and better. More YTPers noticed me. And the story continues…


I first heard about YTP back in 2009 and enjoyed them quite a lot. However, I stopped watching YouTube in general shortly after and rediscovered them when I came back to YouTube in 2011, it wouldn’t be until 2013, though, when I started really getting into YTP.

I wish it was something more special, but the thing that really got me into YTP was just thinking that it looked cool and wanted to make something like it. So I teamed up with AR and made my first one in 2014, which I ended up uploading in very early 2015 and the rest is history.

I actually did have a YouTube channel previously before CODEandAR, (which is long gone at this point), so I had some decent experience with Sony Vegas. So, making the transition to YTP was comparatively easier than otherwise.


Ah, I remember the day I decided to become a pooper. August 1, 2017. So, I was watching some YTPs, and next thing i knew, I signed up for YouChew. Now, I said to myself “If I have a Youchew account, Why not join the crowd and become a YTPer?” The only problem was, I was on a macbook, so i had to use IMovie for about a week before dual booting Windows 7 to my macbook for Sony Vegas. Wine worked like shit, that’s why. I decided to make my first YTP right then and there. So, I got a family guy clip, and made a YTP under the name, “ThisisaYTPchannel” Then, I found out that it didn’t match my YouChew username, so I made the account “TheWiggityWackSlack12” and I made my first YTP. (Switch up that dark sandwich)

And that’s my story.