How did you become a YTPer?

How did you become a YTPer?


I have a lot to say here:

I can’t remember the exact year, but sometime before 2010, I was watching various Super Mario related videos, and I happened to click on one that was a version of a scene from the SMW cartoon “A Little Learning”, only Hip and Hop had recorded dialogue presumably related to being stuck in a warp pipe.

Eventually after finding out about the SMW cartoon, I watched through various episodes before coming across “Yoshi and Link save the day” by Luioigi.

At this point, I had began using WMM to make YTPs (which I previously used to make “music videos” akin to AMVs with random cartoons).

Eventually I had my hands on Sony Vegas after seeing numerous YTPers (especially TheBigL1) use it, mainly for reversing and other effects.

With it, I made random YTPs and tennised myself numerous times, remaining offline from the YTP community before I joined YouChew in late 2015.

Most of these videos were deleted by accident in September 2012 before my old computer died a few months later, but everything else from 2013 onward either remain unlisted on my alt or are unreleased.

YTP Tennis

As for how I got interested in YTP Tennis in the first place, I searched for Tom and Jerry YTPs, only to stumble across one of the rounds from crazydudeboy08 vs. Kingcornholio (noticing that each video seems to re-edit the other before figuring it out). (I also unintentionally landed on one of SesakaBlargh’s rounds against GameBop (which contained a mirrored Tom and Jerry clip), but that didn’t really set off my influence from the latter.)


In terms of influence, the Know Your Meme entry for YTP seemed to connect the dots. I had previously discovered Imaperson’s highly energetic videos there, then I discovered MycroProcessor via his match with quax posted there. A binge through his work made me discover GameBop and the rest of the tennis community out there too.
Furthermore, I was intrigued with mowub’s style of speed-changing and stuttering after seeing his rounds from his first match with autumnithink.

After posting an unfinished SMG4 YTP as a tennis round against Username 99 at the end of 2015, the rest is history. I have yet to upload a regular YTP though,