How would you describe your pooping style?

How would you describe your pooping style?


How would you describe your own pooping style? Fast-paced? Stutters? Sentence Mixing?

For my pooping style, it’s a mixture of a fast and slow pace, with a handful of effects thrown in. The jokes I make are usually by taking a line that is simply not very funny, and then turning it into a running gag while elaborating on it to keep it funny.


a mix of fast-paced and slow-paced with stutters, trailing and glitching.


Indecisive and confusing.


Based mostly on sentence mixing with effects thrown in sometimes.


Eh, as of now, I think my style is making stutter loops, jokes, mostly lazy masking and sometimes making references. I’m actually very terrible at describing my style tbh.


Jokes and Effects


I’d say sentence mixing, earrape, stutter loops, trailing, sometimes acid trips and scrambling.


My style is mainly influenced by the 2010-2012 era of Poop which I’ve personally dubbed The New Wave where poopers began to experiment with mashing classic editing with modern technology and amping up the Poopy madness up to 11. I adore that old emphasis of mixing and matching classic poop editing techniques into rhythmic patterns, snappy gags that whizz by if you’re too slow, complementing every single audio/visual edit with each other so I barely leave a frame unedited, and of course that insanely-rapid pacing style to tie it all together that just makes it all the more fun and challenging to accomplish.


aidless aids


Sus, Stuuuuuuuuuuuu… SWEIVBEFEKVBDCSB… and Sentence Mixing with some effects thrown in from time to time.

Pretty much 2009 - 2012 YTP.


My style of pooping is a mix between complex effects, re-rendering specific clips/edits, sentence mixing, jokes, experimental, scrambling and surreal edits with trailing, 3D effects, abstraction, comedy, buzzing, glitching, the works, with a hint of acid tripping.
My pacing is usually mid or slow paced, but sometimes I do fast paced stuff.


To be honest, I don’t really have a designated style for my ytp’s, but if I were to sum it all up I would have to say that my poops are a bit slower paced (compared to my older ones), sometimes consist of confusing/unsettling/or trippy scenes (or at least that’s what I consider them to be), and maby a bit of sentence mixing here-and-there.
I tend to switch between styles in my videos because, in my opinion, doing the same style over and over can get a bit boring to me, so I try to keep it interesting by creating different scenes (hence why If you’ve seen my ytp’s, they’ll go all over the place with trippy, funny, or unsettling scenes).
But I do enjoy every style that lots of ytp’s have to offer.


I use various styles and I love almost every style of YTP. But I call the experimental and artistic side (LOD, Fawful, MoBros, Sinned, Aliantos, SightOfDelirium, MassimoV, pisokRYTP, etc.) my home. I love how poopers of that style can push wayy beyond the boundaries of YouTube Poop and express things immensely. I also love the fact of how insane their editing and effects can be. I add jokes sometimes but I focus on the editing and making it artistic, weird, and experimental for the most part.


I like to edit a video in a style that I deem best for the source. In other words, I’m not sure if I have one concrete style. To some it up I’d say it’s a mix between fast pace jokes and weird, trippy and adventurous stuff.


I’d say it’s more traditional/slow paced/2011 era style, focusing more on on sentence mixing and gags relating to sentence mixing. Sometimes I end up making my own storyline for my own poops.


I’d describe my style as a fast paced mess of what the fuck did I just watch. With effect spam, scrambling, a good dose of earrape, trails, stuttering, and chaos. I’m heavily inspired by Silent Hat’s fast paced style, and Zackzilla’s too.