It's Gone: Life After YouChew

It's Gone: Life After YouChew


YouChew is gone…


F to pay respects



I know what’s happenin’ to me.


:flight_arrival: :gorilla: :boom:


Yep, it’s gone

See you later, YouChew Read-Only


Reminds me, will the YouChew archive be accessible to readers?


Well I heard it’s gonna be archived and that some things will not be available to be seen in there while in read-only, like the 18+ section. One can only hope though, right now all that is there is some .mp4


Ah I see


I wonder if you could log in to the site still, and view the archived forum games/ off topic, or if they’re open to everyone.


From what I remember, all visitors will have member privileges, meaning that they can view all non-staff, non-18+ sections. Therefore, the Off-Topic and Forum Games sections should be open to any visitors.


Hold on, my emecgra…


Youchew got gnomed epic fortnite style


Made an adjustment to the thread title to make the subject more clear.


Damn, seeing public concensus on YouChew on Twitter rn is really bumming me out. So many people seem to either hate it with a burning passion or never heard of it. Can someone explain to me why so many people (even the fucking founder of all people) hated YouChew?


maybe the reason why they hated it was the reason Youchew shut down for?


In a roundabout way of saying it, yes. I hope nobody would make the mistake of thinking that YouChew closed solely because Whelt was finished or tired or something. YouChew had too much baggage for it to be salvageable.


Well, it was fun while it lasted. I was gonna make the video about YouChew shutting down but I’ve been busy with Collage Classes. Oh well! But anyway, I had some good memories on that site, sometimes I do have bad memories, but 2009 was my worst year in my opinion, probably because I was cyberbullied on the Xat chatroom that I used to go to. But meh, what happens in the past, stays there.

Thanks for the memories, YouChew. Even though it’s not really the best site, but it does bring me good memories though.


I wasn’t terribly active over on YouChew, only had about 100 posts over the course of eight years. But I can still say the site had a noteworthy impact on my YTP life, especially in 2010. Now I look forward to new fun times here as time permits on my side.


As much as we all miss the Chew, it really was the best decision to close it and start anew with our successor sites. Honestly, it was getting tiring having to deal with banned members making martyrs out of themselves and the actual current and active members being expected to be held accountable by decade-old bullshit we weren’t responsible for from salty, disenfranchised members turning into assholes and other ill-informed fuckwits poking their noses in where it wasn’t wanted.

I wasn’t around when all the most notable “drama” happened. I was only around for the last 3 years when everything really shaped up and changed for the better. Naturally it wasn’t completely drama-free, but that’s because humans are naturally dramatic at times and people can be pricks sometimes. I loved that place dearly, but it was because of the people in it more than anything else. What matters now is how we conduct things going forward. I’m under no illusions that YTPMania will be a completely drama-free-zone, especially considering the majority of its userbase are angsty teenagers and there’s bound to be some spats here and there or some idiot will throw a shit-fit because one of us locked their EPIC MEME SPAM thread and the like, but regardless, we can now forge ahead without the baggage of YouChew’s sordid reputation hanging over our heads.