It's Gone: Life After YouChew

It's Gone: Life After YouChew


I remember putting this up as my final status update before it closed


Personally, it’s pretty sad to see Youchew close down. The reason people will miss Youchew is basically because it’s a part of the early era of the internet (around 1993 to 2010 or so). Back when the internet was just people making silly videos and not nowadays when it’s feels watered down for kids and coporations. YouChew and Youtube Poop have had some rough moments from it’s creation to The War on AID, Viacom to the Oz scandals, but it’s still around in 2018. Different but still funny. For a couple of cartoons chopped up in Windows Movie Maker, you’d think that it wouldn’t last, but because of fans of these videos becoming poopers themselves and the styles getting more advanced, it surpassed most people’s expectations to become a mainstay in the remix culture along with stuff like vaporwave. And Youchew’s probably like that. It’s not dead, it’s just split up into Neon Castle and YTPMania. Youtube Poop hasn’t become a fad unlike memes like We Are Number One or Steamed Hams. It has become a fairly-sized genre of videos. Of course Youtube won’t want to admit it and rather try to keep YTP under the rug. Youtube Poop will still be there. we will still have memories of Youchew that we can lookback on whenever we want to either mentally, the Youchew archive,
or the Wayback Machine.