I was watching some MST3K the other day. This gem was one of the great shorts and gives a new meaning to getting sprung


One of my favorite episodes of MST3K involves a movie that was filmed in my home state of Oregon, mainly the southern part of the state (specifically Jacksonville, Medford, and the Rogue River Valley according to IMDB). This is also what I think is the only western they’ve ever done during the Joel/Mike eras. The film: Last of the Wild Horses (1948).

The movie itself, I feel, was worse than those B-movie westerns from the '30s that John Wayne starred in before he became a big name, which were at best mediocre, so it’s no wonder why it wound up on this show. At least I can be happy as an Oregonian that an old movie made here gave Best Brains Inc. something to laugh at.