Multiplied Time Tennis - Branch 2 (vs poopTV)

Multiplied Time Tennis - Branch 2 (vs poopTV)


So I am currently in a multiplied time tennis with JokeyBRPG, but in order to make it easier for both of us I am redoing my current round to be less erosion-based and easier to actually use as a source.
However, I don’t want to leave the old round to rot. So, I am opening a ‘second branch’ for anyone who wants to finish from that round’s point, and WILL be erosion based. So in a way, the tennis was split in two.

At the current point, it is at round five:

It goes to 8 rounds with the final being 2:08 (128 seconds).
And please, only sign up if you know what you’re doing (no offense).


can i?




can i also join this


Unless you’re referring to a third branch, no. There aren’t enough rounds for three way at this point. You can continue as another branch, I guess, but you’re the only exception for now. If you do a third branch, please make the thread yourself with the new round (don’t post it here).


Uh ok


Neverming sry


I’m currently rendering round 6


move it to in progress