Multiplied time tennis (spots unavailable)

Multiplied time tennis (spots unavailable)


If you’ve seen master sword’s tennis with zevio and gsgiraffes, then you know this goes. I’ll upload the first round and we will go up to six rounds in total. Have fun!
Rounds 1, 4, & 7: Johbo81
Rounds 2, 5, & 8: Shibuwave
Rounds 3, 6, & 9: f1shster

Update(10/2): I’m boosting the number of rounds from 6 to 9, it will be easier for me to compile together.


I’m up!


Any specific rounds you want?


3 and 6, please.


i will do this


Ok, you will do rounds 2-5


How’s Round 1?


It turns out I’m a little busier than usual.
But I will try to make and upload round one asap.


K here it is
Shibuwave, you’re up next




hey if this tennis is going, then why dont you ask an admin to move this to tennis:in progress?