Post a pic of something you're working on

Post a pic of something you're working on


Well? What have you been making?

Here’s a very early preview of my round 1 vs mafar.
Haven’t been able to make much since the rectangular prism won’t align correctly for some reason. I’ll put a better screenshot when I have more progress to show.


I have been working on an entry to PL117’s Humourless Collab 2.


Working on a Stefan Karl tribute.


For NKpower’s Collab of Bewilderment.


I have decided to tackle the most requested source I’ve ever been requested.


You are a confused little squirrel, aren’t you?






Hey hey there, I’ve finally gotten Vegas to work again and I’m making things again now!??!


Bake them cookies, Lucille


I’m about 1:20 into my Scaredy Squirrel poop. I’m aiming for at least 4:00.


some masking


I think I’m starting to get the hang of Lightworks.


I’ve been working on a few YTPs, so here is one of them. This is supposed to be a Bobby’s World YTP made for the Bob Collab.

Jimmy’s reaction after he thinks that Bobby’s Aunt Ruth has a beard.


I’m looking forward to see what others think of this when it’s released.


The intro part relies more on secondary source jokes. But I have thought of some interesting gags for the other parts of the movie.


My first time using The Room as source


First time using The Simpsons as a source. I’m having a lot of fun with this, actually. :)