Post a pic of something you're working on

Post a pic of something you're working on




final round vs tetrareux


Coming soon…

Work in Progress Immediately after exporting this frame, VEGAS crashed.




This is an image that I took while I was getting ready to switch off my iMac because my eyes were getting a tiny bit sore and as you can see I am editing a video of a sketch from a television show I like that is a satire on confusing game shows and on the video preview screen on the software you can see a frame from the sketch where one of the contestants slaps their head and a metallic “CLANG” sound effect plays because he is made out of a special metal according to the sketch and I have slowed down the footage and applied distortion to it because it is a favourite thing to do when editing videos as it makes me and other people laugh and it is going to be part of that tennis EOGB has made.



You’re a loser babyyyyyy so i’m gonna kill yoooou



This is for my Humorless Collab. As you can see, the intro is vaporwavy. However, the entry goes into sadness and adventure & beauty later on.


First video on this thread


Time for another preview of that tennis match with EOGB.



Round five vs mafar.


@Smonge important thread to pin #2


Pin dis @Smonge



Almost finally done with that Toy Story 2 YTP.


“God made nothing. He just went PFFFTT!!!
Joke stolen from a “so-called” old YTP not made by me.


I’ve finally got something at least kinda interesting going on, I guess