Post a pic of something you're working on

Post a pic of something you're working on


2 Pics this time of Round 2 vs Ornahdo


I’m having fun with this source. It’s just so horrid it’s hilarious to edit from.


Finally, after several months of hardships of job hunting and developing skills, I finally got into the mood to make more art!!!

I gotta expand and polish up the Mario Bros Youtube Poop.


I’ve been learning After Effects since yesterday and this is what I came up with. (This is part of a YTPMV)


Well I was working on a YTP with a source about ghosts and spooky stuff, so yea, I think this counts mine as a Halloween special. Also, the blood should be fixed where’s there is no green edges, plus there could be improvements to the scenes to make it more interesting with more layers. It’s just me due to the fact that I experimented Vegas a lot.


Another screen cap of my YTP entry, here I am aiming for something along the lines of a short Undertale-style battle corrupted/glitched in a way akin to Pokemon R/B/Y (e.g. mangled text flowing outside the dialogue box and warping to the other side). Aaron is a placeholder for a custom sprite




I have a feeling that this is gonna be my best video yet.


Upcoming halloween special.


From a YTPMV that i’m working on it


Entry for PancakeLord117’s Humorless Collab 2.