Programming General

Programming General


Shouldn’t this board be called Internet and Technology?
Anyway, this thread’s about programming stuff. Post stuff you made, want to make, progress, anything really.

Here’s a link to a thing I made a few months ago which i’m really proud of:
It’s not much, I just think it looks cool.

I’ve been mostly fooling around with JavaScript and Python for the past few years or so but this year i’m taking it up a notch and going for Java and C++ in high school.
I also plan on using Processing or Python for some YTP related stuff once I get better at it.


I have some bare-bones C++ knowledge, but I plan on improving that in the near future. I’ve made one simple text-based game on C++ but short of some basic writing to files and programming the console to do simple funky stuff, I know little about coding.

My first instance of coding was learning a bit for the TI calculators to goof off on when I was bored during class, mostly making a looping text spam. When I was young in early high school I would loop the text “Fatal Error” on the school calculators before putting it back for the next kid to find.


I only really have some slight knowledge on Python and a bit of Robot C, though I definitely plan on changing that in the near future.


I have used a tool thats called Construct 2, its a program that lets you create games (like scratch) and upload them to Kongregate dot com, the appstore, or just save it as your own.
It does take a bit of time though.


At my school where actually used Robot C before so we could make our own custom made robots. Mine was a race car controlled. And right now where using C++ for more advanced coding. Can’t to start programming my next robot.


Stuff I’m pretty familiar with:

  1. HTML

  2. CSS

  3. JavaScript

  4. Java

  5. Python (It’s okay imo)

Never completing anything is something I’m guilty of, but I still managed to make some cool stuff like pixel art recreations of album covers in Pygame as well as a half-assed WordPress theme. I’ve been on hiatus from programming ever since, but I’m hoping to get back into frequently doing it soon.


In spite of my tenure on YouChew’s Design Staff, my abilities with programming are admittedly very basic. For instance, I am familiar with some of the terminology of programming, can identify the purpose of various languages, and even perform basic tasks such as tinkering with the appearance of a webpage through the “Inspect Feature” command. But if you asked me to make a website from scratch using only HTML and CSS? I wouldn’t be able to do it without turning to a reference.

That being said, I’ve been more interest in computer programming than I’ve ever been, and would like to become knowledgeable in the craft. I’ve proven myself to be handy with surface-level conputer functions, and now I’d like to take my skills to the next level.


After some time spent away from coding, I’ve decided to make something simple to get back into the swing of things.


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