Say Quotes from your own YouTube Poops

Say Quotes from your own YouTube Poops


“250 million grams of salt”
“Do my eyes decieve me, or is that Despacito 2?”


“No, I said: OOOOOOOOHH!!!”
“You’re wasting your time on this garbage, now go to THE PIT OF DEATH!”
“You’re gonna die!” “But it’s opposite day.” “OH NOOOOOO-!”


“Money makes me cum”


“Crystal needs someone who rushes things, Crystal is the filthiest most disgusting man. Sos sos”
“Ready to go to our cocaine fort, Yuki?”
“Maybe they’re so cold, Their dicks have frozen.”
“Sacrifice Kurt Angle to the number god”


From The Room Hyperland:
“My name is Tommy Wiseau (canvas)”


“Woah! You can’t get THE SUCC!”
“It is written, only Link can defeat Charmx.” *
“This is how you fuck retarded three millimeter CoC”
“It’s a golden ratio of GAYY retardation”
“The Mushroom Kingdom is straight Up Your Ass!” (This ytp was deleted, it was one of the first ones I made as well, too bad)
“And communists enslaved fellow Blacks in Africa”
“I’m gonna make Youtube Poop videos. My name is Call of Duty Black Ops”
“CS not here, contrary to popular belief, I am dead”
“They have bread. They won’t have CANNED BREAD” *
“I’m Ajit Pai, I’m the chairman of Internet Freedom.”
“Que bailar conti ti ti di dee DEEZ NUTS. Gotem”
“Oh mah Gad, this is Gay Isis”



“To shrink Mandark’s penis”


“Look, I told you, Taco has herpes!”
“In a few hours, you’ll be sitting around in a campfire, fucking hot moes.” “They’re called senpais, Buzz!” “Fuckin’ weeb!”
“I know the H2O, nobody knows it better than me. I’m water.”
“And here’s a sneak peek of my nudes!”
“I hope you’re prepared for water.” “I thought we’re having steam.”
“My mom is hot.”


“Wow. Who would’ve thought that you could give a 3 hour, nonstop YTP lecture?”
“You have to press jump slightly before you press R.”
“Y’know, Robin is in the movie. You think that’s enough dicks?”
“This source fucking sucks-skcus gnikcuf!”
“No, it’s the controller for an Xbox.”
“Klonoa. It’s strange. Sometimes I can’t remember my dreams, though I’m sure I saw them. Where do these dreams go?” (yes, I sentenced mixed the intro to one of my favorite games ever.)
“I’m just playing Action 52 here!”
“Once my brother said, WHERE’VE ALL THE RAVENS GONE?”
“Once there was a man called Joe who turned up round our way once saying that he was going to blow ISIS up, and we said ‘yeah, yeah I bet you can’ and he says ‘fire the Bird Missile!’”
“The games are pretty typical, it’s your average Pong, with one exception: It’s got Gun Game!” [cue M3RKMUS1C trolling clip]
“How much does it cost to drive these cocks 'til they no longer need the JoJ?”
“Here he comes, here comes recaR deepS! HE’S A DEMON ON WHEELS!
“Fuck you!” slam x4 “BuRnT oN cHeEse”
“Hi billy mays here for 70s anime, the easy way to enjoy anime more!”
“If you’re one of the millions dissatisfied with your current shitty anime on TV, call now, we can help.”
“Fire a laser” (BLAAAAAAAAAAAGH!)
“No, fuck you Sully, you piece of shit!”
“You’ll also recieve THIS FULLY LOADED 20 ton giant robot”


“You need to see a DOG.” “D-d-d-d-DOG!?”
“Ready or not, I AM SEGA!
“When I saw you…” “Hello!” “Hi!” “I.” "HEE HEE!"
“I’m fallen and I-I-I, I can’t get up!” “That is my impression for American advertising. Thank you very much. Thank you! Thank you!”
“I wasn’t done.” “You WHAT!?!?
“MINNNNNIIIIIEEE!!!” “That’s no good!”
“Okay, now it’s time to kiss the head!”
“We’ve done all of this before!” "I DON’T CARE."
“Uh, well, here we follow the triangle of crap.”
“I ate up my shiny metal roof… ON FIRE!!!”
“Okee DONKEY! Begin now!”
“Hey, kids! Who wants some cookies?” “Ooh, me! I do! I want a cookie!” “BUT IT’S OPPOSITE DAY.”


And this is how you grab my ass