Stupid YouTube Comments You Found

Stupid YouTube Comments You Found


Find any YouTube comments you don’t like.


That bear is bare
Directed by Michael Bay


The emoji spam was too much


Not only is this guy stupid, but a complete jerk. I never said I would actually kill myself, it was just an expression.


just strangers stumbling upon a ytp tennis video, i’m wheezing.



NationOfOranges doesn’t own Dexter’s Lab what are you talking about


From my E3 in a nutshell video



just because the user is on hiatus doesn’t mean the user is dead, get it through your head!


I hate when someone just “sells” replay buttons with the cost of 1 like
I mean, that joke is annoying


Remember those bot accounts/fake accounts that would join a YTP collab but will actually never make an entry? Well, they’re back.


I had an encounter with that same account.