Tennis Network

Tennis Network


Hey, VidTens443 here.

I’m allowing many of you (rematches included) to respond to any of my videos for tennis matches. (They’re all tennis rounds btw) These videos will be considered the Round 1 of a match.

It doesn’t matter if the video is a serve, a Round 2, a Round 3, a 1 second round, or even a double-digit round from a multiway match. It also doesn’t matter if the video is new or old.
Videos that are a collab with another tenniser (I have three with Zekii) do not count. Only solo videos allowed.

You can also pick the same video as another match here, but for variety, I don’t want too many people to pick the same video. I’d limit it to about 3 matches per video (this restriction might be removed later).

Any of my rounds that spawn from any of the matches initiated here are also eligible for a newer match too.

The match can be anything from a simple 1 vs. 1 or a multiway (if others accept). Just be sure to post the video you’ll volley if you want to participate.

(Just keep in mind that right now I am kind of busy and won’t be quick when it comes to my volleys.)

You can find my YouTube channel here:





That is a very interesting tennis concept I should’ve come up with. Due to tennis traffic and my other stuff taking my tennis time, I may not able to get in the tennis network. Plus right now I’m taking a break on YTP Tennis, I may come back anytime soon.


I’m kind of in the same boat as lopunny. I barely have time to work on the tennis rounds I’m currently in and personal life has really gotten in the way recently, so I will definitely do this, but not at the moment.