The First Time You Pooped (From humble beginnings)

The First Time You Pooped (From humble beginnings)


We all had to start somewhere. Looking back on it, do you utterly despise the first YouTube Poop you made or do you have a more positive view on it? It’s definitely something you can reflect on and see how far you’ve come in regards to your timing, pacing, editing, jokes and use of effects. I think your first YTP can also be an interesting examination of the first signs of your style and sensibilities, both visually and audibly.
My first time it was back in 2014, when i made this crappy poop on the same notebook that i use, using Vegas 12, and i remember that it was based on another poop by the same name that featured music and a clip that shows Russel editing a My Little Pony YTP on Vegas (or it was on Premiere?), read the description for more stuff, WARNING:You’ll regret watching it:


My first poop was mediocre. The jokes are definitely my humor, but that’s the only good thing I can say about them. The effects are good for a first poop, and I am very proud of them. The pacing is slow, but that’s so the jokes feel worth it and I can make the poop longer. All in all, I can say for sure, I have a love hate relationship with this poop.


Same as YeomanGold, only significantly worser.


Watch at your own risk. It’s barely YTP, just shit.


my first ytp was released somewhere in june 2013, it was really godawful and i’m glad it’s lost and gone, i can’t even mention the title (i still remember it), it used only stock vegas effects and it didn’t use any audio effects, years of 2013 - 2015 were the worst when it comes to my projects…


September 2012 was when I released my first YTP. It was made in Adobe Premiere and it used footage from other videos in a “scene-to-scene” transition fashion. The editing was a bit choppy. The jokes don’t feel like they’re executed well enough. There were some effects, but most of them were near the end. Some footage was eventually taken from other YTPs. I despise this poop more than I love it.


I was aiming for an EmpLemon/Poops4TheWorld style with this video. I eventually stuck with Jallerbo’s style because Jallerbo’s videos always struck me as original, unique, and very refreshing.

0:00 - 0:06: I’m actually proud of this opening sequence. It captures the feeling of a Super Mario Sunshine level very well, but it’s far from perfect.

0:16 - 0:26: My sentence mixing here was solid. I could have done more with the editing and the joke.

0:27 - 0:35: This part will turn off a lot of people. This is why I don’t use memes in my videos (unless we’re talking about the golden age of memes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:), aside from the fact that I’ve acquired a better sense of humor that isn’t relegated to memes, gratuitous meme usage results in a video that ages very poorly.

0:39 - 0:45: This part would be decent if his voice was at least at the same fucking pitch as the song when it needed to be lmao.

0:45 - 0:48: This was supposed to be a joke about the failure of the Wii U.

0:49 - 1:07: This part goes on for way too long.

1:08 - 1:18: Ten second title card…

1:18 - 1:27: I made this during a time when I was scared to do edgy comedy; I originally intended to be a clean YTPer. This part, right here, was my first attempt at something remotely edgy, even if it didn’t land that way.

1:27 - 2:48: This part is actually pretty dope… the only issue? It’s just a sparsely edited scene from the movie with a cinematic filter that spans half the entire video lmao…

2:48 - 3:11: I thought this was the funniest shit ever when making this.

To conclude, my first YTP was a roller coaster of highs and lows (outweighed by lows :P).


@PoopTV Nice try, but I recognise my own writing when I see it in the first paragraph. I don’t mind you recreating my thread from YouChew, but maybe next time you should consider using your own words? lmao


Oh lord the first one I made was kinda cliche, It was a Hotel Mario one I made with Movie Maker with all the old 2007 ytp sound clips. Thats it. It was so bad I removed it from my youtube page


I remember making YTPs on Windows Movie Maker in like 2010 as I used to copy directly from a YouTuber I used to watch, I forget the name though. I would barely even call them YTPs if I watched them in 2013.


My first YTP was more focused on sentence mixing. I don’t exactly hate it, but it’s a bit primitive. I enjoyed some of the jokes I made, especially the Shibata scene at the end.

Good thing I didn’t start uploading videos a few months before that. At that time, I’ve just gotten Vegas 13 last March 2015, and was making poops for myself in my own pace. Kind of like practicing and learning in the field. I almost tried to upload a Smash Bros 4 YTP around that time, but I only had it public for around 1 hour before deleting the whole channel. From what I remembered, some of the jokes were based from Dathings1’s Soup or Smash Bros. video. I currently have a video saved in my laptop from that era, where I sentence mixed the Let It Go lyrics to make Elsa sing the first Attack on Titan opening intro. Because Frozen and AoT were the shit at the time.

And even then, I made “poops” (not uploaded, of course) using WMM since December 2014 (during the Frozen era). It’s what you expect from videos edited using WMM. All of them were deleted when I moved computers.


I have launched my YouTube channel back in October 2013 which was completely five years ago. Then I then created my first YTP for my YouTube channel i used to use iMovie to make them a while before I started using Final Cut Pro and my first YTP video was uploaded in March 2014.


Here’s my first YTP that isn’t lost to time… Something tells me I’m gonna regret posting this… Also it’s Charmx so yeah don’t watch if you don’t wanna get aids…


11-Year-Old Verity Thinks Sex Jokes Are Funny Because Everyone Else Thinks So.

i had no clue this reached over 20,000 views, but c’est la vie.


This was long before I had Vegas and used Audacity for sentence mixing


I made my first YTP when I first got Vegas in mid 2017, but it never got uploaded cuz it has old 2016 memes in it. And my computer acted jackshit that it caused it to lose the file (Thankfully). Though I do have two snippets of it recorded on my phone, which I might show it later. After almost a year, I learned to stop being a pussy and uploaded my first YTP that was for real, and it’s really mediocre af. please don’t watch it for your sake of sanity.


The first proper time I ever YTP’d shockingly wasn’t even on my main Poop channel. It was on my animation channel

I was basically standing in for someone else as part of a YTP Tennis, which I guess you could say was also my first exposure to said sport. The guy I was Tennising with said I had a knack for this sort of thing and suggested I open up a second channel. So yeh, I did


I first starting making YTP’s back in 2011, but that’s a year before I first joined YouTube as AygoMedia when I became good at school. The early YTP’s I’ve made mostly consists of Taisto, (somewhat) madanonymous, PokeFire and piodx styled YTP’s I’ve made in Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10. They were a mixed bag, to me. While I learned how to color curve, it’s mostly ear rape and rip-off jokes and styles, and I used Wubbzy as a source a tad too much, but there are some parts I find hilarious, looking back.

I have made a compilation of my old YTP’s from that year, while adding text commentary, which is on my Wodienfor channel.


My first YTP (if you don’t count this is this

My “true” first YTP was actually a poop of the most amazing top 10s, that featured the song Eighties by The Killing Joke. It was around 3 minuets long, but alas vegas wouldn’t render it because my computer is so shite. & the sad thing is I won’t have enough money for a new computer untill 2019 or 2020. (sad face)

But anyway about the YTP listed above. I was always really interested in creepypasta (ever since 2014) & so my pc couldn’t handle normal YTP’s, so I thought “Ya’ know what? What if I were to make an audio YTP instead?” & that’s what I did. It’s pretty messed up, so be warned.


EDIT: I accidentally deleted the video I had here previously while trying to remove it from my watch history

But yeah here’s my actual first YTP