The First Time You Pooped (From humble beginnings)

The First Time You Pooped (From humble beginnings)


This is a bad ytp i made. I picked this one as my first one because my previous ones? I cant even call them YTPS. I reuploaded it because it got disliked ( it was only 4 ) Don’t bash on me for being a logo editor at first


I’ve began making YTPs when I was like around 8 years old in 2010, I forgot what was my real first YTP but I previously used sources from Spore, Hotel Mario, SMW, anything from Yoshiart, a Super Mario Bros. anime movie (my first anime I used as a source), For The Birds, and Pingu. During 2012, most of the sources I got them is from Ttipoop’s website called “Totally Tooned In” (based on a real television syndication series in the 1980s) which was later switched to a Mii themed website when it announced its shutdown and currently as a Spanish Beyblade themed website.

Between 2010 and September 2012, I made many tennis matches against myself and other YTPs and random videos which some are uploaded to my archival/self match YouTube channel called gabrielpika145. (based on a YouTube channel that I originally planned) They where mostly uploaded between 2014 and 2015.

I sadly didn’t made a YouTube channel nor sign up YouTube, due to having hard time signing up my gmail account and kind of under age at the time. Finally opened up my first YouTube channel along with my alt on January 7, 2014. My first YTP on that account would mostly be a repoop of Pingun ADHD.

Another sad thing is that my old poops from 2010-December 2011 are forever gone and they’ll may not be seen like possibly forever.


My first YouTube Poop that I ever made, all the way back in February of 2015 has been deleted, lost and unarchived. It was one of those videos that used the “Kids guide to the internet” source that popped up bloody everywhere on YouTube for a while. It was posted on another channel of mine that I still have to this day. I was gonna do game reviews (All of which prior to my RKA video have been deleted). and YTPs simultaneously on the channel, but I came to the realisation that not everyone would wanna see the YTPs if they only subbed for the reviews. And vice versa. So then I created the Sixtyforce YTP channel on February 21st 2015. The first one I posted to that was “MatPat proposes a gay cock theory”. (Yes, the gay jokes started very early). It was bad, lol. The jokes in it were okay at best, the editing was really shit, it was just not a good showing. For a first time, it could’ve been much worse, but it was still pretty bad either way. The entire thing was just really lifeless and limp. I have the video laying around on my PC as I do pretty much every other video from 2015 that I deleted. And I do plan on I posting those again onto a separate channel. But when I’ll do that, I have no idea.


A cdi ytp so bad, it wasn’t even well edited and I deleted it. Still wondering if I still have the source file.