Thoughts on the above TV show or movie

Thoughts on the above TV show or movie


Let’s start with something easy:

SpongeBob SquarePants


First three seasons are some of the greatest and most quotable cartoons of all time… Everything else, not so much.

Cowboy Bebop


Worth watching



I’ve heard of it but haven’t watched it, and I’m not really the sort of person who’s into anime much. It does sound interesting though.

My Hero Academia.


Power Rangers is one of the greatest shows since my childhood.


The point of this thread is to post your thoughts on the above TV show or film, not to plonk down a show that you remember watching.


Oh I see now, thanks for tell me I completely understand now.

I thoughts of it was pretty alright I believe.



It’s an ok film
Not good or bad
Just ok

Japanizi Going Going Gong


Never heard of it. Looks like an okay, while cheesy game show.

Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger


Never heard of it.

Saint Seiya (Los Cabelleros Del Zodiaco as most of its audience calls it)


I’ve never seen it, but I love the OP. Saint seiyaaaaaaa pegasasu no yooou niiiiiii~

Death Parade