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Because I wanted to talk about my favorite editor.

Also, 16 crashed on me at the startup.


whaaat there’s a vegas 16 now?? :O

looking at it, there are some pretty nifty features (built-in motion tracking and effects-based masking and a new 360°-based effect oh my!) - if i did get it, i wouldn’t be comfortable using it on any of my current projects though, because last time when i switched to vegas 15 it suddenly started messing things up, and then when i went back to 13 i couldn’t use any of the projects i’d edited with 15, and that’s how i ended up having to re-edit an entire 3 minutes of a ‘bikini bottom adventures’ episode from scratch >:O


I really enjoyed using Sony Vegas 13 since it doesn’t crashed a lot. I used to have Vegas 7 before I got a new computer years ago, but for some reason it didn’t work with Windows 10, which is pretty odd. Luckily Vegas 13 works since my computer’s a lot faster than my old ones.


The motion tracking especially on 16 is reeeeeeally tempting me to go for it, but the biggest issue for me personally would be needing to adjust to the new GUI.


I actually wanna do something crazy, something someone here has never actually done before.
I’m gonna l e g a l l y _ p u r c h a s e Vegas Pro 16 whenever I can and find out if

  • It’s worth its asking price
  • Purchasing it doesn’t make it run like a big ol’ piece of dick.

Vegas 7 actually does work in Windows 10 for me just fine. But there isn’t much you can do about it if it just doesn’t for you. Win10 is a really inconsistent little bugger when it comes to legacy applications made for old versions of Windows such as XP and 9X. For example, Premiere Pro 2.0 from 2005 doesn’t work in Win10 for me, but Vegas 2.0 and Viscosity from 2000 both work okay. Even really old, obscure MIDI sequencers for Win95 work for me. (Tho what the names of those were escape me rn).


Wait, really? I didn’t even know that. All I got is some kind of error that I forgot what it was since it didn’t even install it right or something. Maybe next time, I might get Vegas 7 to work on Windows 10.


I need to get Vegas 7 for the Wax Effects. They look spectacular. But i can;t find a proper crack for. I heard that Wax works on vegas 12. But i call B.S. on that.


link is on the description