What do you think of the above YTP?

What do you think of the above YTP?


I’ll start with a video I made a couple weeks ago.



I’d say it’s pretty good, the jokes were pretty funny and the sentence mixing was usually easy to comprehend.

Here’s a video I made a few days ago for a collab.


some of the masking was a little iffy but the 3d tracking was fucking fantastic.


This fast paced YTP is enjoyable to watch, the effects are used correctly.

(This is MorimotoYTP’s YTP.)


That was pretty damn good. The editing was top notch and a lot of the jokes hit.

(This isn’t new, but I want to get some more feedback on it)


I was very well entertained throughout the entire thing. It’s a very nice humor-based YTP with good jokes. Great job


Wow, I was entertained in a whole YTP. The humor was clever and the pacing is balanced. The poopisms doesn’t look boring. Your styles looks unique to me. Great job.


Great editing as far as visuals go, sentence mixing could be better.




While this is short, this is pretty decent stuff. The glitchy style was enjoyable and wacky, and your effects have improved a lot. Not much else I can say, really.


Nice 3d trailing and Mandelbulb 3D usage


I enjoyed the glitchy styles and the effects. This YTP also doesn’t look boring too.

The part around 0:55 transitioning to the surreal scenes is unexpected and great. Around 0:21 to 0:48 leading to the “Pussies!” has got me hard too.

(Note: This entry is for the 2008 YTP Collab, so my style is different from my usual YTPs)


ho boy I wanted for this topic to exist

I like your YTP DS, that Pikachu part was my fave, and the effects were okay.


I couldn’t understand some of the sentence mixing, but the jokes were great


Your effects usage is on point and there were some moments that absolutely benefited from the whole video being in 60fps. A few parts did feel dragged out and the YTP ended pretty abruptly but aside from those things, I liked that one.


This YTP has fast-pacing that made me engaged, the poopisms has variety, and your effects surprises me. I liked this YTP.


This was alright, I liked the jokes, the pacing was a tiny bit slow but only by like 0.001%. Sorry I just want to give some criticism sometimes.

Also lol at you adding on that song I just listened to earlier in the “Rate the song above you” thread. Nice one

(this is a failed collab entry, nevertheless, I will still count it as a collab entry I made :p)


@Smonge This is a pretty important one to pin.


Criticize the above YTP

I thought that was a pretty good YTP. The sentence mixing was on-point and the jokes overall were pretty good. My only gripe with it was that the intro was way too long.