What do you think of the above YTP?

What do you think of the above YTP?


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My only gripe with it was that the intro was way too long.[/quote]

Well I couldn’t be arsed to bridge all the silences in between the typewriter noise so :p

Next person, go rate GuffKid’s YTP please.


The collab was ok. My favs were DSYTP, Constipated Wonka, Airshots22, and UnusualGuy.

Now it’s time for someone to review the best poop ever I’ve found.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B- qoB_x2IcqTbDBtZHhla3lzMms/view
(put a space on it to prevent embedding)


Definetly the best YTP ever, flawless editing that’s better that most visual effects in movies, pretty funny jokes, and a good amount of awesomeness

Here guys, it’s my best YTP ever
https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=LyqYPrNal-8
spaced it for not spoiling it


Your best poop ever? This should be special!

fixes the link


Just thought I’d make the post vague as to not spoil what it was. It’s okay to not be fond of your early works. It’s just part of the growing pains involved with creating YTP.


The editing is great and the jokes were spot on. I think some parts even made me chuckle a bit.


Ah, I do enjoy a nice, creepy and atmospheric poopadoop when the mood strikes me. It’s a little typical with the kind of random 3D objects floating in ill-defined colourful space, but I really dug the atmosphere you created with the music and sound effects. Plus, I liked your effects-use. I only wish a little more happened in it.


great stuff as always bio, your effects are amazing


Pretty solid editing, especially on the sentence mixing.


That was actually pretty good. The editing was not that bad, the jokes were really good as well imo. The sentence mixing could’ve been better though.


Pretty good for a second YTP, the jokes are funny, the sentence mixing is great and the editing is decent


I really liked it. These small jokes were perfect all the way through, haha.

This below is a collab entry I couldn’t send to NoiceDrinkz because I assumed his Twitter inbox was private. So I consider it failed.