What’s your favorite era of anime?

What’s your favorite era of anime?


I’d say the 70s or 80s.
Edit: the 80s aesthetic looked awesome and this era created icons like Goku, Kenshiro and Seiya and it had good music, but the 70s had more shows I liked, mostly either stuff made by Tatsunoko or giant robot shows.


90’s absolutely in terms of the amount of shows I like from that era, but there’s a share of ugly as sin stuff from that time, just as much as there are beautiful 90’s anime. For every Cowboy Bebop and Cardcaptor Sakura you had your Saber Marionettes… As much as I love Slayers, that show really hasn’t aged well visually.

80’s anime has a neat aesthetic and it without a doubt had the best looking animation due to the bubble economy. I just haven’t really watched any shows from that period personally.

Really, I just miss the look of cel anime and handpainted backgrounds. CGI backgrounds in modern anime
make me nauseous.


Oh, absolutely. Akira, Lupin, Cobra. Anime from that era was grand. Softer colors and less angular faces. It sorta feels more cozy.


I really don’t know, but I would say the old kind like Evangelion. I would find another anime that’s great to poop on if it has a dub.


The Ghibli era and the 60s era.


Have you found Space Ace yet?
(aka Tatsunoko’s Astro Boy ripoff)


My all time favourite anime are…

Z Girls (App)
Azumanga DaiOh
Astro Boy