What's your opinion on the above users YTPs?

What's your opinion on the above users YTPs?


Buckle up boyos, cause we’re all gonna be in for some r e a l criticism.


The style is not my cup of tea but it seems like it can be enjoyable to other people.


good style, most videos have a lot of earrape but thats ok, master of effects (but thats because they are epic tennis matches), overall great vids, yeah


A lot of fast paced editing with memes and reference gags mixed in. Pretty good.


Their style reminds me of Awful Fawful and have some really good maskings throughout. They’re perhaps, one of the only few poopers who can handle classic sources professionally.


Its pretty enjoyable to me, but its a bit rough.


Delicious rapid-fire pacing style and has a very interesting and clever use of effects that’s always fun to see. MS is one of my favourite poopers to come out more or less around the same time as I did and I’m glad he stuck around. That been said, his jokes could use a bit of work. hehehehe ;^)


Pretty nice pacing with pretty nice effects. Like his sentence mixing too. Pretty nice afterall.


Neat effects and some fast pacing. It feels like Master Sword’s Pepsi/Sega


Your YTPs are very good and well-placed effects with neat jokes.


They’re pretty nice to watch. Wasn’t too impressed at first, but I’ve come to enjoy your style. I love your taste in sources most of all. Your methods are weird and wacky in a good way. Although there’s no sentence mixing, your poops are still pretty funny. Some of the effects are pretty cool (specifically the default Vegas ones). However, some parts can be a bit dull, so your variety could use a bit of work. Crazy stuttery goodness. Keep doing what you’re doing, man.


Your YTPs are always superb! The styles looks unique, from the effects to the surreal moments, you are also underrated. The newest ones are significantly improved to the old ones, since it has no flaws at all.


Your videos are very fun to watch, the editing and jokes make for a very pleasant experience. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very great for a pooper who does jallerbo-styled poops.


Great Dozzyrok-styled pooper, you and @Zekii have 2 things in common:
1-Came from Scratch
2-Their style

Man, i can’t beat your style, also, you followed me on scratch when i was GarfieldTV


Dem Effects Doe
way better then what I can possibly do.


The editing and jokes all seem fine. I’d say overall pretty good. My only advice would be to make some longer videos


From the short thing i have seen it’s pretty basic.
Or i can’t be bothered to watch more than one vid just for the next commenter to give their thoughts on me.



Well, at least the sentence mixing sounds more clear to me, the style still looks basic.