What's your opinion on the above users YTPs?

What's your opinion on the above users YTPs?


I have mixed opinions on your YTPs. Sometimes your sentence mixing is great while other times it’s inaudible. Your jokes can be funny sometimes but other times they don’t make sense of are just immature jokes that aren’t that creative at all. I know that you are trying to improve and I hope to see you improve in the future.


I’ve saw your ytps for a long time now and I’d say they’re pretty neat. The jokes are nothing special though. The sentence mixing is most of the times unaudible. Great effects though, and great acid trips. The pacing is alright in my opinion.


Its cool that you can mix a lot of styles together in one video, epic effects, fast paced videos (which I like too), and colors are everything I see in your vids, and I like that.


Your poops are pretty much one of the best ones made in mobile. The effects you used are very interesting and remind me of Wax. The audio in some of your poops are sometimes mediocre or decent but at least your trying.


pretty cool stuff reminds me of really fast panced 2012-13 stuuf


Pretty good stuff. A lot of it reminds me of that paperking-esque style, and there’s some pretty funny stuff. Editing is also pretty good, with some (usually) good sentence mixing.


really nice, the ytps you make are trippy and entertaining. idk how to say it


Good use of colors and earrape, though I personally don’t like glitchy YTP. But that’s just me. “Vinesauce Cooks A Gaming Computer” is probably my favorite.


Not really my thing, but interesting and unique to say the least.