Which Deleted YTP do you remember watching on YouTube?

Which Deleted YTP do you remember watching on YouTube?


I’ve decided to transfer one of my old YouChew threads to YTPMania.

I’ll start this topic off by saying this: I once saw an iCarly YTP called “iCarly takes ecstasy” by MrPoop196. It’s no longer on YouTube, but I do have the video saved on my computer (I got it from Wayback Machine).


I still remember watching TomServo3’s Metroid II commercial YTP, but TomServo3Alt was banned.
Pity for me, that I didn’t downloaded this earlier.



I remember watching Spingebill goes on a panty raid a few times before it was taken down.


Ian O’Keefe’s YTPs, he deleted his channel yesterday, i’ll miss his Chicken Jane YTP, his Toy Story YTP, and most specially, his collabs


The tower of weegee. One of the first YTPs I ever saw and thought it hilarious mostly because I didn’t know what spadinner was (this was like back in 2012 or so, all I knew was that YTPs existed and nothing else)
I remember re-watching it for nostalgia about a year ago, now I can’t find it at all. And no, it wasn’t the Tower of Poop, that’s a different video.


“my wittle pussy: frenchship is tragic” by thecaledioscope



Oh, nice! Thank you.



During 2014, there was this YTPer called PlatinumPoop who made a lot of pretty well made YTPs featuring Peppa Pig, and their channel got hit with copyright pretty badly. Later on he used Dailymotion as a backup channel, but is now inactive and presumably retired.

There were two YTPs I recall watching that were deleted, which were “Peppa Visits Snape” and “Magic in Greendale”, a Postman Pat YTP.

Speaking of Postman Pat, I heard about a TimoteiLSD YTP called “Postman Pat Goes Postal” being deleted lately, and I’m slightly disappointed to hear about that.


“Jerry and Tom Buy Pent Mice Houses” by ApkinesisII.


get the hint?


“Sexy Garchomp Is Sexy”, which was one of the several videos switched to private on Combuskenisawesome’s channel, due to it conflicting with her current values. Specifically, she purged any videos that made jokes about rape and racism, either re-editing them to remove the offending material or leaving them off the channel completely. However, the video can still be seen on Dailymotion:

NOTE: Despite the “explicit” filter, it isn’t any more explicit than what could be found on a typical poop.

Upon watching the video again, there were several jokes I completely forgot about over time, despite this being one of my favorite videos from CIA. Seeing these jokes again, I could see why she removed this video from her channel. Considering how prevalent this humor is in the video, I wonder how much of a chance this video has of being re-edited and made public again.


Dying to Lie by ThatGuyPoops. I watched that a million times before it got taken down and re-edited. One of my favorite YTP’s of all time


any HTFFan8500 ytps like “lumpy performs exorcism”, “flaky isn’t a stud” and “cuddles gets rickrolled”. those were the videos that i discovered ytp back in 2009, good times.
if elsagate wasn’t ever a thing, this channel wouldn’t be hacked. they absolutely don’t show some esteem to the dormant accounts.


Dying to lie
I cant find it on the original channel but I can still see it on reaction videos



Still waiting for


Some of mestre3224’s deleted ytps. I saw of them, I think.


Of course it would be @Sull0’s ytps when he was called [LR] or SuccyLord