Which Deleted YTP do you remember watching on YouTube?

Which Deleted YTP do you remember watching on YouTube?


I remember seeing several.

For example, SicSemperFelix and Sonic Fantard had channels whose YTPs I enjoyed coming back to… but one day it happened that their channels got taken down. But I think that the latter guy has resurfaced though, not sure about his YTPs. Anyway, from the former I remember a YTP about “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore (from which I have taken a piece and inserted into my YTP just because I couldn’t find a video of Tails saying “Wow! That guy’s cool!”) and the one titled “Flofda Jojia Lie” murders country music". And from the latter - the YTPs of “Power” by Kanye West (also he made one for “Bound 2” but it was copystriked) and “All of Me” by John Legend (also a Top 10 Best Songs list where “Sunburn” by Muse was an honourable mention, and he mentioned a band he knows named Orange Jumpsuit Apparatus(?) that I don’t think it exists).

Then there were several for KKTV: “Spongebob Trains For a Job He’s Shit At” by col[something]98, one by Im Another Chanel (he was a guy in Youchew who registered here after making that YTP) and the most popular Spanish one whose name I don’t really remember (someone reuploaded it but only to make a reaction out of it smh). And a really random one of The Camping Episode titled “Spongebob and Patrick go “Camping”.” where there were swearwords and sex jokes (and there was a clip of “Chocolate with Nuts” at the end).

Finally, there are some YTPs of Gangnam Style that were either deleted or I can’t just find anymore.

Oh and there was one for Get Lucky that I had to go through several lenghts to find, generally through searching for a specific Sonic Fantard video I believe


“Billy Mays kills your dog with a sword” by shooterboss…which I can’t find anywhere but watched it so many times to the point where I remember every word.

Also some YTP about spongebob writing a paper or some shit and i didn’t finish watching.

“Weegee tries to kill Spongebob” is one that got blocked here.

Also the original version of dying to lie by ThatGuyPoops and “the tape that got Hulk Hogan fired from WWE” by Mark3611


wiil’s YTPs, most specially, his Moana YTP Collab Entry, and he’s paperboy’s brother, in fact, that’s how i met paperboy, when he retired, he linked to paperboy’s channel


I remembered RetronMTB/Matt89812 made a Oobi At Work YTP in around 2012 before his old channel and his poop where long gone. I really miss his old poops I just wanna remix 'em so badly.


Pretty much all of Adventure2TheUnknown’s videos. There are some reuploads here and there, but I honestly just miss Hank Has Cowboy Issues the most.


Cute Mario Bros Massacre
That is what I remember about this poop.
“Mario I want to go on the Mario.”
Yoshi saying Asshole
Luigi wants Mario to die


thanks broham. I appreciate this



Pride Patties I absolutely loved that one. It was one of the first ones I watched and why I decided to become a ytper.


There were quite a few I remember seeing from the YTPer Poiul, who deleted his channel many months ago. Although some of his works can be found via collabs, a lot of some of his other videos are likely gone forever.


I used to watch MadDogMervin before he deleted all his videos.


spongeshow1 :upside_down_face:


I do remember some Mr Tumble YTP videos that i watched which are currently deleted due to racist and over dose of offensive jokes.


I remember laughing a lot after watching some of Krazy’s Sammy Classic Sonic Fan YTPs.

A little snippet still exists in Chadtronic’s Stop Hating on Sonic reaction video.


I remember watching YTPs by an old YTPer named tomandjerrykidsrock (the username has been changed). She used to upload AMVs and YTPs of Tom & Jerry Kids (mostly the Droopy/McWolf segments for the YTP’s), Phineas and Ferb, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and House of Mouse before deleting all of them. I think that she decided to take down her videos due to copyright or something. I missed watching them.
Luckily, I have one of her YTPs saved on a DVD. The title of the YTP was “Crazy Crime at the House of Mouse.” I will ask her for permission before reuploading the video either on YouTube or Dailymotion.


“Bubble Buddy slaughters his victims without pity or remorse” and “Shitville”

Those two were both Spongebob YTPs.


Some mediocre Anthony Sullivan YTP which opens with the line
“have you got a drawer full of MICHAEL ROSEN”