Your Favorite Part of the Above Poop

Your Favorite Part of the Above Poop


It’s self explanatory.



I liked the thing at 0:27 about YTP’s. That was very clever and unpredictable.


The SECKS JOKE was funny Lmao


The Metal Gear Solid references


Every video effects.


I have a lot, but one of them is where that person blew up and turned into a kid.


The part at 0:35 to 0:38 using that pillar effect.


That part which some person shot Baldi


I had a dream… cast


The part where Junior was about to jump and Potrock and Spingebill ran after him.


The effect at 0:09 to 0:16 (cool masking) and 2:31.


The part where they said, “She grabs a slutty date!” That doesn’t make sense, LOL!


The part where everyone screamed


The datamoshing part


“A world of monaters” and the effects


The datamoshing part was honestly pretty good.


“I hate this game i wish i could go back in ti- pauses rewinds


Probably the “acid trip” trickery around 0:08 and the ACTUAL surreal moment at 0:44.


You know you’re not allowed to circumcise human dicks


The forward-reverse at 0:46 followed by the Butterfinger commercial while the audio of the forward-reverse continues in the background.