Your Favorite Part of the Above Poop

Your Favorite Part of the Above Poop


The Garfielf part


All those trippy-ass effects I will never have in my Sony product (until I get a new laptop), the Pee-Wee speech and the ending with “Running in the 90s”.


That “mama shit on me” part


Stick your tongue in the disk drive


It’s actually “mama, she told me”, but hey, nice misheard lyric.

As for Ornahdo, yay for another Infinity Train YTP (I partly worked on that source for Random Letter Collab), I can’t wait to watch the actual series sometime in the future. My fav parts were Patrick being hit on the railroads, Tulip going “ooooooo” Painty the Pirate style, the random Dragostea Din Tei bit, and “the sky had a Gay Luigi”


When it zoomed in to Rosen’s eye at 1:16.


As far back as I can remember I was jacking off


2:36 haha