YouTube Poop Editing Tips

YouTube Poop Editing Tips


ITT: You share some tips and tricks and some “secrets” you’ve learned from your own experience in editing that might help improve other pooper’s editing skills.
Edit: Also mention what video editor you use


for extrusion-like effect without any third-party plugin, use the “z” position on the 3d compositing mode and decrease or increase the value every 20 (or 10 if you like) as you add a video layer, using compositing child is required on all video tracks except the first track.



my round 2 vs. mrdoognoog segment


Vegas has some really handy clip tools that you can use with different combinations of Ctrl, Shift and Alt. Premiere has most of these too, but they have their own dedicated letter keys and are 10x harder to use as a result. Some of these tools are a bit hard to explain, but play around with these yourself and you’ll understand how they work pretty much straight away.

Now, there’s a lot to cover, so I’ve spoilered them all separately for you.

Time Stretch/compress

This speeds up or slows down a clip. You use this one by holding Ctrl while changing the size of a clip. Making the clip smaller will speed it up and making it larger will slow it down. Pretty simple. This one is so useful, since you don’t have to go into the properties to change a clip’s speed and you know exactly the clip’s duration when you let go of the mouse button, so there’s no guesswork involved. But I’d imagine that most people would know about this one already.

Slip tool

This one is used with “Alt”. It has two uses:
1: Use it while dragging the middle of a clip to change the start and end frames of a clip. It’ll shift the frames of the source it’s using, but it won’t change the position of the clip itself. Use this one if you made an edit, but you were a frame or two off with your precision.
2: Use it at either end of a clip to change the clip’s size but preserving the starting or ending frame of the clip, depending on which side of it is used. Use it at the left end to change its size, but keep the start frame, and use it at the right end to change its size, but keep the end frame. Use this one if you have a gap on your timeline that needs filling, but you wanna keep the starting frame on the clip. It’ll save you more time than dragging the clip to the other end and sizing it back out. You cut the time spent on the edit in half, pretty much.

Slide tool

This one is used with Ctrl+Alt. You use it in the middle of a clip. It changes the position of the clip, but changes the start and end frames relative to the amount of frames you moved it along the timeline. Useful if you’re trying to sync audio to a video and wanna move a video clip around without it losing sync to the audio.

Loop region

Used with Ctrl+Shift, this one is for creating a loop region on the timeline. Now you’re probably thinking “But you can just create a loop region on the timeline by just dragging your mouse without using these keys”. And while that’s true, it’s impossible to do when you have your mouse over an event clip. Using these keys makes Vegas ignore anything that’s under it and it will create a loop region for you regardless of what you have your mouse over. Even if the cursor makes it look like it’s about to use an edit tool, it won’t, it’ll use make a loop region for you.

Shift select

This one is used with the shift key and can be used in a few ways.
1: You can use it to normal click on a clip, then Shift+Click on another clip to select all the clips between the two. Now, this isn’t a replacement for the multi-select tool, but it’s useful if you have lots of clips that you wanna select all in an instant. And it works on both axes. So if you’re like me and you often have lots of clips stacked on top of each other, so much that you have to scroll up/down to see the other ones and you wanna move then along together, you can shift select them all instantly instead of having to wait for the multi-select tool to scroll the screen along for you. This one is so useful and I use it all the frickin time.
2: You can also hold the Shift key, Click and hold and drag your mouse along and it’ll select all the clips that you hovered over. You can also put the play-head at the start of a selection, then shift click on the clip that you want the selection to end at.

Shuffle tool

Now this one doesn’t have a dedicated key combo, hence I put it last, but it’s still incredibly useful. So with this one, you drag a clip on top of another using the right click button, instead of the left. When you let go, a dialogue box will appear with 3 options saying:

  • Copy here
  • Move here
  • Shuffle events

And you’ll wanna click on “Shuffle events”. Make sure your mouse is hovering over the clip you want to swap with, otherwise it won’t work. But when it does, it’ll move the clip you were dragging to where you wanted it to go, but it’ll move the clips you shuffled it with to the other side of the clip you were dragging. I only just discovered this one while writing this and oh man, I wish I found this one out sooner. I’m always changing things around for the sake of flow or pacing, so this one is something I’ve been wanting for years.


The many forms of video corruption effects
There are tons of different corruption-style effects. If you want to be lazy, use S_DigitalDamage or whatever the Red Giant glitch plugin is called. However, there are a multitude of ways of video corruption by actually destroying the video itself. Here are some.

Audacity Datamoshing

A pretty common type of corruption, and not that hard to do:

Using 'Corruptor' Programs

This type of corruption is done by corrupting the file using a corruption program, examples include Vinesauce Rom Corrupter, Real-Time Corrupter, Corrupster, Erosion(heh), and many more.
Usually it’s as simple as just importing a file and going crazy, but here are some tips:

GBA Video Corruption

A third way I haven’t really seen used at all is converting the file to a ROM then corrupting it likewise. This method works best with GBA files due to a dedicated program known as Meteo that does it for you:

  • Run the program through Meteo: set bitrate/framerate to highest, save as .gba
  • Corrupt the rom using any way you like
    *Record any way you like

This will produce very glitch-y effects to your video, while sacrificing resolution and framerate. However, the effect looks really cool if you do it right.

Those are the methods I could think of. I know there’s also Datamoshing, but that’s more of it’s own subject. Let me know if I missed anything, I got this all out in 15 minutes.


Also, take your time on your poops, fast editing process can lead to rushed poops


To allow you to show the speed and pitch of the clip (easier for pitch shifting + speed up/slow down poopism), just click Ctrl + Shift + I ON Sony Vegas Pro.


Vegas 14+ to be exact


which one is much better? it’s up to you!

i prefer the one on the right


When datamoshing in Avidemux, press F3, then click on “Show motion vectors”, which then shows arrows that indicate how objects move so when you do a blooming effect, you can choose a frame(s) that works well for you. motion


are you afraid that your hard work loses all the data? render the project into a few segments while working.


Hmm pretty good thread, I wish I could give tips but it seems like everything is out there, also the fact that I make my ytps using apps
Unless… I can post a video and explain what I did, like pointers. Yeah that would be good.


If you’re not laughing like a maniac and enjoying every minute you’re working on a video, you’re doing it wrong.


If you’re not laughing like a maniac and enjoying every minute you’re working on a video, you’re doing it wrong.

be sure not to overuse the same fx you put on your vids, try other plugins, presets, fx or something.