YTP Pet Peeves

YTP Pet Peeves


Might as well start it off, from YouChew.


Did we really have to carry over this thread?


I think that bringing over the “Your YTP Pet Peeves” thread would be a better fit.


They’re basically the same thread. I don’t think many preferred either.

Overused jokes in YTP

I don’t see the harm in having this thread, as long as discussions don’t become too vitriolic: we don’t want another War on AIDS. When kept civil, it shouldn’t be any worse than the Displeasure Thread and its medium-specific variants.

“YTP Pet Peeves” would be a more fitting name for the thread, as it would encompass the content of poops, the techniques used in them, and perhaps even attitudes surrounding YTP. Overused jokes are only a subset of things a viewer could dislike from YTPs.


Alright, then. Have at it, I suppose.


Very well. I will rename this thread “YTP Pet Peeves” to better serve as a catch-all for the things we dislike in YTP, including overused jokes. Any new threads that this topic encompasses will either be locked or merged with this thread.


When somebody hosts a collab and one of the rules is either “No Spadinner” or “No WMM”. There’s nothing wrong with Spadinner and WMM and that’s how YTP started with. Also, it limits creativity and freedom.


Despite being against this thread, I guess if I’m to add something to it, in a similar vein, I’m seeing a new trend where collab hosts are oddly picky about video resolution and will flat out reject entities if they didn’t render the project a certain way. Obviously this is a relatively easy setting to change but it’s still unnecessarily nikpicky.


When someone uses BCC Sphere and S_ZebrafyColor at the same time (Bad acid trips)


S_ZebrafyColor most of the time already looks pretty bad lol


How to make S_ZebrafyColor look great:
1-Add S_EdgeDetect


Yeah, but bare S_ZebrafyColor is pretty shit
Also, vegas stock wave + vibrato is pretty boring to me, it looks more like a filler


S_ZebrafyColor also can look better if you remove the blur


Calling LinkOnDrugs/Awful Fawful-styled poopers “trippy”. Not only is it annoying, I think there’s a huge difference between them and PK-styled acid trip poopers.


You’re right, i don’t think that drugs will make you see subliminal messages

OT:When people cut a clip of someone saying “Come” and they treat it and put a gif of y’know

and that gif in general

You mean like...



OT, sex jokes, when it’s overused in many YTPS. One time on one YTP is fine but the more these jokes are used in single video, the more I’m urged to go into the next video.


Using Text to Speech (specially Daniel), confusing edits, raw unedited clips, edits-like audio clips, and bad masking.

Oh wait, that sounds familiar


HaHa SuS fUnNy JoEk