YTP Pet Peeves

YTP Pet Peeves


Using your own voice in a YTP.


Dragging out a joke for too long in a YTP.


bare-bones scrambling that goes on for more than like 3 seconds

it’s good when used in short bursts, not when it’s literally the majority of the video you’re watching
scrambling is also damn easy to do, makes for some awful filler content like this veg
hell i didnt even consider this filler at the time i thought this crap was actual content

literally everything that is solid gray is scrambling (or one-frame effect spam layers)

sad that this is the vid that gave me a ridiculous increase in subscribers, god how i’ve changed haha


Haha, well at least you’re self-aware, Gig. I remember when I nicknamed you Scrambles McEarRape back in early 2016 since that was pretty much all you did for quite some time. But I kept my eye on you because I thought to myself, “this kid has some real potential and I hope he finds himself” and I’m glad you’ve proven me right.


Using the same effect over and over again (specifically scrambling)


I’m not entirely sure as I’ve just started to get back into YTPs, but from what I know I dislike long-lasting stutters/scrambling, dragged out edits, miles of unedited footage, excessive repetition, and gags being overused (e.g. an explosion every few seconds). Pretty sure I’m guilty of at least one of those things myself haha.


I’m not used to the parts where the poop accidentally ends up having a short black screen at the end of some segments. It feels a bit off for me.


When a joke goes on for far too long


Acid trips that are nothing but spamming poorly-done effects.


YTPers who steals jokes, styles, and ideas from other YouTube Poopers. It’s okay to be inspired from YTPers, just don’t steal them, or at least make the execution different and creative. (my wording is not the best, still you get the point)

Also referring surreal moments/experimental scenes as “acid trips” or “trippy”. Both of the terms are overused and gets in my fucking nerves.


Alright, here’s something I mentioned on youchew: pretty much any music segment including MACINTOSH PLUS 420, Roygbiv, Whitewoods - Beachwalk, etc etc. I wanna hear something new.


Dragging jokes out for too long and using too much unedited material.

Also when poopers use their own voice in a poop…it doesn’t happen often but Snake Gaiden sometimes does it.


But can you use your own voice in a poop when it is on purpose, like, you talking to a sentencemixed character?

Yes, recording yourself in place of sentencemixing something is an odd choice, but I’m talking about separating yourself (making yourself a character).