YTP Tennis Matches you'd like to see

YTP Tennis Matches you'd like to see


Post any hypothetical tennis matches you’d like to see between any potential opponents in any setup.

For example: Zekii vs. GameBop


I’d like to see CheeChee vs Gigawatt honestly


Tetrareux vs HerpQuality


TogeBesso vs Mafar or Silent Hat


ArbitraryData vs. Milk Gaming Channel


Pie Pivotmontier vs Trudermark hahaha
but really lets see
mrdoognoog vs pancakelord
sixtyforce vs paperking99
vidtens vs milk gaming channel


I’m just waiting for him and MAD RUSTY to volley that “THERE IS NO” serve I made a month ago…

Also this is actually happening.


oh pretty cool, Thanks for telling me 'bout it vidtens, I really didn’t know that they had a tennis match going on (should really look at the matches going on in youchew more often) but yeah, again, thanks for telling me


TogeBesso vs. GameBop
MafaR vs. MycroProcessor
Zekii vs. PancakeLord117


Zackzilla vs Master Sword
Gsgiraffes vs Pancakelord117


You know what I’d really like to see?
EmpLemon and Goop Videos vs Jimmy Davis and NPCarlsson.


Biodegradable vs. NitroEdits
NKPower vs. Ornahdo
retrogenerics vs. Boundless
BoomDaCorgi vs. Mafar_
ethics vs. kodel (meme battle, probably wont happen but both of them has the same sort of editing)
mapo vs. tetrareux (re-rematch)
but for real, how about mapo vs. Paperking99, eh? That would be pretty fun.
3tp vs. mrdoognoog
pacboy vs. haidphone11 (rematch)
pacboy vs. sharx shakudo (trilogy, probably wont happen because he already retired from ytp)
pacboy vs. Ghostlatte (Private Rematch)


I find it terrible that I know few of the usernames mention thus far… uuuuuuuuuuh…

Pimpsahoy vs Dumbening… yeah!


Jimmy D vs NPCarlsson (rematch)
Jallerbo vs Ornahdo (lets make it happen fellas)
d3 vs Username 99
Master Sword vs. Lopunnyboy
CheeChee vs Hackerytp
tsocheff vs Vidtens
ZackZilla vs Mafar_
Ladonator vs HerpQuality
Sagan Blob vs Palette (not sure if it happened, but if it did let me know pls)
Liam Taheny vs Edward Haase vs Coralhorse 10 (Battle of the Cringe, with a capital C)
pacboy vs kodel (meme battle)
Camthebromo vs mo05hy (cringe meme battle)
pacboy vs Bugamashoo (yet another cringy ass meme battle)
pacboy vs sull0
pacboy vs. everyone tennis


There already is a rematch going on.


Technically pacboy is referring to a 2nd rematch.


@mapo yeah ik about the rematch (pretty good stuff btw), but I agree with @VidTens443 as what I meant by a re-rematch is basically a second rematch (so a basically a third tennis match lol) (also because I just want to see more from you both lol)
To everyone reading this, I just list out a bunch of possible tennis matches, but if it has happened and I didn’t know about it then please send me the link or the playlist, thanks