YTPs that you made, and didn't like (besides your first)

YTPs that you made, and didn't like (besides your first)


Quoted from @Paperking99

Sometimes, we make a YTP that’s so bad, it’s not worth watching. What YTPs have you made, and didn’t like (besides your first)?

I hate my 2nd public poop with a burning passion, felt so sloppy and rushed, and it makes sense since this was made in 2 days, for me this poop feels like a Fendy poop without the plugins and the stolen content


I made this one as a sort of “remake” of a Poop by shroomhead1. I really don’t like how it came out, 'cuz I’m pretty sure I could’ve done a much better job for my first KOTH Poop.


Where do I begin?

The world’s first Klonoa YTP(MV) and it flippin sucks

This is just a terrible ripoff of cs188’s Michael Rosen Hallway gag.

This is when I started putting my problems into my work.

And this one’s a cheap plug for someone I’m not friends with anymore but I like the Chroma Key stuff i did, but that too is ripping off 256Pi…


This poop I made back in 2015 is just god awful.
The jokes were stolen mostly by cs188 and half is stolen from Orion56.
Even Paperking99 pointed that out and I don’t blame him.


Even though this wasn’t my first poop, this was actually my first standalone poop (and what’s funny is that it’s the first time that I’ve added a watermark).
This poop felt very rushed and cringe-worthy. Plus, I’ve spent weeks (despite procrastinating for too long) on this video. Most jokes are pretty bad-mediocre.


A lot of my old poops from my old account. I reuploaded most if them in one video you can watch here.

The one I hate the most is The Color Challenge poop, jokes were either stolen, overused or bad, and it dragged on.

Man, I really was the LJN of YTPs, was I?


if tennis rounds count then…


Holy crap, those were the poops that made me sub to you

Started up strong for the time, and then it got rushed


first real attempt at a non-tennis ytp. ended up having to remove a bunch of parts since they either didn’t work or kept crashing on render. It’s also pretty old so of course i’ve gotten better.